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Or his lobbying that's somehow magically something other than lobbying.
Ledger magically and mysteriously disappears beneath the skin of his lean, sinewy character.
Thank you for taking a sane look at the magically insane.
It doesn't magically allow you to build businesses by turning investors' money into operating expenses indefinitely.
He adjusts a few knobs and a wave magically appears.
When a college stops requiring standardized admissions tests, no rainbow magically appears.
Then you landed a starting professorship and were magically bestowed with health benefits and a retirement account.
Though, it is amazing how money will magically appear when a department gets excited about someone who needs more money.
What could be seen of the landscape appeared magically changed.
Apparently complex organs such as eyes, hands or brains evolve magically by chance and the lucky species works out how to use it.
People think they magically explain complex phenomena without providing a serious theory of how they can behave the way they do.
Magically, music from the local radio station poured from the earphone.
Changing the power source won't magically make us sustainable.
To think so, is to be of the same mentality that thought maggots magically appeared in meat.
Thus what would otherwise have been a solitary moment is magically transformed into a pleasant encounter.
But this doesn't magically and automatically happen.
As if the bankers were innocently minding their business and suddenly noticed all these incentives magically appearing.
Allowing prisoners to vote will not magically reconnect them with society, but it will probably do more good than excluding them.
If more money magically changed all prices exactly the same percentage at the same time there would be no problem.
He derided politically correct claims that humans alone are magically free of genetic influences in their behaviour.
It would not magically endow politicians with the will or the ability to deliver, but it would help.
And everyone is going to magically plug in their magic electric cars.
Whether intractable social problems can be solved quite so magically is open to doubt.
When you lock one door, there is no guarantee that a new better door will magically appear.
Then the ranger lights a match and the tiny dot of light magically spreads, illuminating a circle of astonished faces.
Intricate patterns of human life reveal themselves magically.
He wonders if there is a connection, if the wall magically beckons migrants.
Espresso powder in the frosting magically highlights the depth of the chocolate.
When peace breaks out, bad guys are magically transformed into good guys, as history has demonstrated over and over again.
These quotes then magically turn an opinionated story into an objective one.
When countries mature economically, agreeing to live with free markets and personal freedom, scarcity magically goes away.
The blue-haired fairy is inexplicably alive and magically powerful.
Imagine trying to photocopy a pile of papers, only for one of the copied sheets to magically jump back into the queue.
Later on, you can tell definitively that they've magically shrunken the planet.
Well, you can't run up trillions in debt and then expect an age of well-funded space exploration to magically arrive.
The point hasn't been that the extra money, once freed-up, will magically flood robotic missions with loads of extra cash.
Its a different ship unless things can magically appear out of no where in space.
Fertilizers are handy as well and they don't magically appear.
These two things did not magically made themselves long ago and far away.
So no viral thoughts or memes are magically gravitating together.
Programmers getting smarter won't happen magically, so what will make them do the work.
She took a thick brush and stroked a line on either side of her face, magically lifting her cheekbones.
Moviemaking seems to have become almost magically easy for this independent writer-director.
Whenever a curse word slips out of my mouth, he hits it and the curse magically disappears.
But unless he magically wins his appeal-or dies-he is going to see the inside of a prison hospital or cell.
With reading you will never be bored and your vocabulary will magically increase.
Yes, don't forget to teach us ignorant fools how resources magically multiply when you turn them over to the government.
Some continue to try to mask the deficit by suggesting that borrowing will magically solve the problem.
Unfortunately, it is not as simple as add sunlight and energy magically appears.
Magically, the appraised value always keeps increasing at a crazy rate.
Spray bottles filled with water can be used to magically turn cement to dark gray.
Believe with me that our problems can be reduced, not magically resolved.
Also learn to prepare some easy green treats that are magically delicious.
Nor do students magically transfer information to their minds or acquire copies of exams out of teachers' offices.
The overarching message is that there is no easy solution or single nostrum that will magically increase our nation's performance.
High-rise buildings seem to rise magically, as if defying construction requirements.
On the computer terminal above, words and sentences magically appeared.
The billions of blasted fragments would magically recombine, rescinding the destruction they had done.

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