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Example sentences for magic bullet

Once hailed as a magic bullet cure-all, psychedelic drugs are center stage of a new medical frontier.
The flea beetles used to combat spurge, for example, are no magic bullet.
So, all in all, not much seems to be a magic bullet.
Basically, it's the magic bullet we've all been waiting for: liquid hotness.
These programs are far from the magic bullet, but the evidence shows that they can make a difference.
People really believe that antibiotics are a magic bullet that will help any infection.
Higher compression is a magic bullet that delivers improved power and mileage.
There's no magic bullet for dropping pounds and keeping them off, but there are many practical ways to approach weight loss.
While therapy isn't a magic bullet in the short term, it can help you conquer your fears for good over the long term.
Besides complicating the refinery process, critics say ethanol-blended gas isn't the magic bullet to cut air pollution anyway.
It is not a magic bullet, but nor is it intrinsically harmful.
There will, it is true, be more drugs to prescribe as each subtype of each common disease gets its own private magic bullet.
There is no magic bullet for higher and healthier living standards for the developing world.
It may form part of a solution, but it is not the magic bullet solution.
My point is that democracy is useful, but it is false for anyone to claim that it is a magic bullet to prosperity.
Though, it should be stated that there does not seem to be a magic bullet for reducing the cost of coal-to-electricity.
There's no one, single answer that will fix it, no magic bullet.
There is no magic bullet, no laying on of hands for healing.
Despite every caution, staff and administrators will be looking for a magic bullet.
Since individual accounts are no magic bullet, restoring balance will require painful choices.
While effective, such chemotherapy isn't a magic bullet.
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