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Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its old magical power even today.
But theorists disagree on what might be the next magic number for protons.
Not since the ancient days of alchemy have science and magic had such a harmonious relationship.
The magic properties an object possessed trumped its material worth.
To do their magic in the cell, proteins must fold into rigid shapes-or so standard wisdom says.
Magic tricks may look simple, but they exploit cognitive patterns that scientists are only beginning to understand.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look more pulled together.
Still, you can replace the term magic with anything.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look better.
Trying the chèvre made me realize that the magic isn't held by one geography.
All the holiday glitter out there is fun, but don't overlook the magic in the natural materials around you.
However, in their designs they provided a bit of magic too.
We are the magic people who walk an inch above the ground and leave rainbow stardust in our wakes.
We always knew which one he liked the best as it had slightly more rendering and subtly more magic.
In the end, it's not technology that lends magic to these services and keeps them free-it's psychology.
When you start down the road where belief and magic replace evidence and science, you end up in a place you don't want to be.
The captions describe the magic of the moments, in the photographer's own words.
Thank you for this lovely article capturing much of the beauty and magic of the area.
It was almost as if that people expected him to wave magic wand and fix everything.
My experience with dancers is that they have a magic ability to tell stories with their bodies.
They know how many strides they've taken and the length of each, and that magic number gives them their distance from home.
In the logic-tight compartments of my brain, my magic module had trumped my skeptic module.
Discover the sinister magic of a city that reveals its true colors at night.
The simple magic of their shape and colors still puzzles.
His impact, you might say, was indistinguishable from magic.
Wow, science is magic and that's what makes us able to grow intellectually.
The economy may do this for you, of course, but it's more impressive to do it yourself as a magic trick.
They set the mood and create the magic, she believes.
Some sort of magic happens when you combine a few simple ingredients to turn out this simple, refreshing salad.
Romance, too, satisfied to the full his native delight in color and warmth and magic of beauty.
The people were amazed, but imputed their preservation to art-magic, and the martyrs were condemned to be beheaded.
In criminology, geographic profiling does not provide a magic pointer to the homes of those who have conducted multiple crimes.
Ah, that magic moment in an interview, the instant when you realize you are not going to get the job.
Academics have declared the series dross, but one scholar finds in it true literary magic.
It's a kind of magic act that works best when a student pulls the rabbit out of the hat.
To echo what another poster said, there's no magic solution.
Though they don't understand how these magic boxes work, they can gush over the sleek shapes.
There's this magic invention called e-mail, or better yet, walk down the hall.
Magic mushrooms' active ingredient constrains control centres.
For those who stutter, this is when the magic happens.
People really believe that antibiotics are a magic bullet that will help any infection.
They know that not even a president can magic away a spill this size.
Beheading is their traditional way of killing their enemies, state-of-the-art magic their secret weapon.
In the absence of a magic money tree, the bulk of the money will come out of general taxes.
Politicians are always tempted by the idea that something they already favour might be a magic solution to a problem.
We want this to be magic that will be accessible to intelligent, modern adults.
The swift, magic kaleidoscope of dawn hardens into the stark colors of day.
The key to shooting at dusk is to set up early, because you never know exactly when the magic time will be.
But, as much as it breaks my heart to have to tell you this, magic isn't behind the toy's quirky properties.
But there's a certain magic in all of that lint and dandruff and morning breath.
But, turn the page, and you are back in the midst of magic and delight.
Meanwhile, everyone discovered the magic of using more leverage to make money faster.
The show itself is arranged as a piece of sympathetic magic.
For that reason alone, financial sponsors are a useful subset of capital providers, because they work their magic in private.
It's not that some magic private sector fairy dust makes the firms all be runs soundly.
To be subjectively claimed by a soap opera, on the other hand, is magic.
Perhaps their fundamental inscrutability was actually the magic that kept people paying attention.
If it is at room temperature, however, that sugar can work its magic and aerate the butter.
These programs are far from the magic bullet, but the evidence shows that they can make a difference.
But each age calls magic whatever stunt it needs to marvel at, and each age gets the magic it deserves.
Near-infinity awaits on the other side of the magic rectangle.
Goldsmith is so extraordinarily buoyant and extroverted that he seems to enter a room in a tinkle of magic dust.
The real magic is an optical property of calcite called anisotropy.
As for treatment-well, this is where a little magic comes in.
The younger pups are vulnerable-though they have the magic protein, they don't have blood for the defense to work.
And always he seems compelled to go a bit too far, with his cosmological theories as well as his magic tricks.
On the surface, the hunting-magic explanation seemed to make sense.
And this, my fine friends, is where the real benefits of whatever genetic magic short sleepers possess comes into focus.
It worked its subtle magic on the pasta, as it had on the sliders.
Beyond the persuasive combination of flavors, the magic here is in the textures of the dish.
These are not lessons you can learn by importing a few guys and waving your magic wand.
Shape memory plastics are about as close as materials scientists get to doing magic.
They were always capable of it, there's no magic, but now they have the means and the tools.
There are various suggestions for how protein folding does its magic.
Micro damage tissue and have sprinkle some growth factor magic.
The magic of this story is the economic story, driven by the technology story.
Watching the experts work their magic, he knew that he wanted to affect people the same way.
Though, it should be stated that there does not seem to be a magic bullet for reducing the cost of coal-to-electricity.
Most believe it does so for no reason at all, as if by magic.
Early on, scientists hoped they would be magic bullets for a variety of diseases.
In other words, you're saying that an object in motion stays in motion for no reason at all, as if by magic.
But the collision of the right actor and the right director can cause a spark that ignites magic on-screen.
Instead, it was off to the magic island of monsters for a wild rumpus and a whole lot of arguing and wounded feelings.
When the stylist took a picture of the back of my head to show me the magic, my jaw dropped.
The magic booth spun flattering postcard-sized shots nearly instantaneously.
It's an oddly disembodied sensation of traveling in a magic-realist bus, or coming around from an anesthetic.
Nintendo invented a video game you control with a magic wand.
The book is saying that the best way to avoid being deceived by magic tricks is to learn to do the tricks yourself.
At first they used magic mainly to affect the weather or to afflict local people who had annoyed them.
But maybe, too, the magic inherent in the magic number does not inhere to the number itself.

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