maestro in a sentence

Example sentences for maestro

Politicians in both parties wanted the maestro on their side.
On this view, the maestro is deeply implicated in the financial markets' current difficulties.
Sturges' symphonic gent is not the conventional maestro.
He was a maestro of the laboratory, skilled in improving apparatuses and devising experiments.
The latter crime was largely unnecessary, a kind of maestro's flourish or fiend's laughter.
But they are amusingly told and certainly expose that maestro-of-humility bit.
He's a trouper, not a maestro energized and exhilarated by power.
As the house lights dim and the maestro lifts his arms, a hush comes over the crowd.
Despite being on a diet, the maestro is running late from lunch.
Maestro can create molecular surfaces that represent solvent-accessible regions of an entry.

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