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Example sentences for madly

It resembled those game things kids are always poking madly.
The bees nearest to the spill clustered around, cleaning the top bars madly.
Dozens of dogs of all breeds and sizes raced around madly.
Their joy and excitement were palpable as they madly cheered their cars around the track.
All the while, space age windmills line the coast, spinning madly.
But eventually, as you progress through the book and keep flipping pages madly, you see more and more feeling in his writing.
Heights begin to surge upward at a madly accelerating rate.
They madly multiplied and sold endless units of speculation when prudence and foresight required them firmly to impose restraint.
His face was ashen, and his eyes darted madly at the cars around them.
But it had dragged some liquid nitrogen with it from the flask, and was steaming madly.
Tipping is heavily ingrained here: always leave something in bars and restaurants unless the service is truly, madly appalling.
Instead of replicating to an organised plan and forming normal tissue, cancer cells multiply madly.
Law or medicine aside, top school-leavers study madly for a place at the elite grandes ├ęcoles instead.
Frankly, it's a nauseating but riveting sight, seeing someone lie and then flip and flop madly to avoid having to face the truth.
Leftists are completely, madly sold on the idea of catastrophic warming.
People are madly running against making the money which hade made then live a dull life in lieu of all the money.
We live on a spinning ball, rotating madly as it moves through space.
The symptoms come from madly misfiring neurons that activate the pain receptors lining the abdominal cavity.
Yet we're always hearing about how bacteria in the wild are madly swapping genes back and forth.
Everyone around her was madly dialing cellphones with no success.
As the fig trees were perfect that grew all into one boxy wreath round the dry fountain the kids on rented bicycles circled madly.
And yet, mysteriously, he often became madly infatuated with someone he had picked up.
They thought it was charming, and they giggled madly, as people always do in his presence.
It was an imperfect effort, to understate matters madly.
For this eagle madly wagged its wings and screamed at the rebels.
If this madly entertaining movie has a fault, it's that it's too ingenious for the genre it ostensibly inhabits.
Reporters are madly romantic and have unlimited expense accounts.
Madly the chickens and roosters fought for the corn.
They would run a bit, stop in unison and then ali dash madly up and down the length of the enclosure.
The facilitator is madly entering stuff on the laptop, wondering if this is the way it's supposed to be going.
Our annual conference is coming up here in about a week so we're madly, we're doing two jobs while we're here trying to get ready.

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