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Our fear of snakes and other predators is based on the real things not some made up thing.
Proteins are made up of amino acids, some that are attracted to water, others that are repelled by water.
The cost difference is made up by the cost of the tower, fluid handling equipment, and the turbine.
Creating a dissertation-support group made up of fellow doctoral students can enhance your productivity.
Only go if you really haven't already made up your mind about where you are going.
If you have made up your mind, bow out graciously and allow someone else to take your slot.
My study group at church is made up entirely of couples who are about my age and all of them have children.
They made up what they'd spent on the house in rents from her roommates by the time she graduated from college.
Academic life is increasingly made up of a series of applications, while the applied-for work dwindles toward insignificance.
Thinking it was another dog with another piece of meat, he made up his mind to have that also.
It is made up of comment and opinion, and also new emotions which are vaguely applied to his own life.
He made up his mouth as if to whistle, but he didn't whistle.
Together they made up his world: literature, politics, riding to hounds.
The playing has an intoxicating freedom, as if the music were being made up on the spot.
Heavily made up, with tattooed eyebrows, she was sipping a cup of rum-spiked tea.
The rocks here are made up of sediments laid down in an ancient sea.
The vast bulk of the banana family is made up of the starchy cooking bananas and plantains grown as a staple.
All atoms are made up of nuclei orbited by electrons.
But he more than made up for it with strength and tenacity.
The legs are made up of jointed tubes that contain the muscles necessary for their movement.
Names are generally made up of two, and characters having a felicitous meaning are always selected.
However, they are usually made up of several similar parts.
The words in the languages were made up of two categories of words.
Urinary casts are tiny tube-shaped particles made up of white blood cells, red blood cells, or kidney cells.
All pyrotechnic mixtures are made up of a fuel and an oxidizer.
It adapted to the region's frequent flooding by building rafts-made up of big groups of the ants themselves.
In flight icing is where the airplane is flying through clouds made up of small liquid water droplets.
These shells, unlike typical animal structures, are not made up of cells.
Leaves get their brilliant colors from pigments made up of various size, color-creating molecules.
Made up of dozens of researchers, it compiled all the scientific data available on jellies worldwide.
Those are terms people have made up to draw arbitrary lines in an attempt to confuse the uninformed.
Matter is made up of atoms with nucleus of protons and neutrons, and electrons outside the nucleus.
The government made up the feed disorder to cover up the disaster.
Your current consciousness is made up of absorbed data and experiences.
The antimatter is made up of what those in power say they believe in.
He claimed that, fundamentally, atoms are made up of of bits of information.
All the special effects in the world would not have made up for the inane plot and forced acting.
It is equally possible for a computer to construct a picture made up of colored areas.
The spread can be made up to three days in advance and refrigerated.
Increased demand for fish is being made up through aquaculture, which brings other environmental concerns.
He said they made up the story so they would be able to take drugs from the underground room, which he used to store marijuana.
As a net is made up of a series of ties, so everything in this world is connected by a series of ties.
Roughly half of your short-story collection is made up of historical stories.
Our nation is made up of immigrants from every part of the world.
Once his mind is made up, he gets to business at once.
Experts say much of the remaining shortfall could be made up for relatively painlessly.
These revenues have not made up for the lower property-tax receipts.
Insurers used to tolerate losses on their underwriting business because healthy investment returns more than made up for them.
In practice, this negative effect can partly be made up by using plant and machinery in areas unaffected by the disaster.
Manufacturing industry, which included shipbuilding, once made up a third of the local economy.
Solidity in the north made up for fragility in the south.
It is made up of four connected and articulated inflatable sections.
The benefit that they decided not to claim made up the lion's share of the council's saving.
There are also new threats from criminal gangs made up of recycled paramilitary types.
He also announced the end of tax breaks on cars and white goods that made up part of last year's stimulus package.
At the national level, revenues lost on income tax would be made up by higher national-insurance contributions.
Light itself is made up of particles called photons.
In the wild, wolf packs tend to be made up of close family members representing up to three generations.
It is selected by a nominating committee, which is in turn made up of representatives from trade and regional groups.
Typical electrochromic systems are made up of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte that shuttles ions between them.
Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
The new polymer is made up of two alternating units, one that conducts electrons and another that conducts holes.
Conventional transistors are made up of a metal structure called a gate that's mounted on top of a flat channel of silicon.
What the streets lacked in strategy and organization, they made up for in bravery.
My work is usually made up of lots of smaller pieces that come together to make one big piece.
Boxes of peelers straight from the factory made up the bulk of his personal effects.
When that happens, you never know if it can be made up on the other end.
But what some candidates lacked in experience or art education, they made up for in moxie.
It was at this time that he made up his mind and committed firmly to the decision.
The alternative low-risk strategy is to use a vaccine made up of dead protein.
Amid all the craziness, a scene made up of complete flakes, he was the reliable one.
Note that it is a made up story, in case you are having difficulties telling fairy tales from reality.
Rather, they argued that the mind is something more: a system made up of the brain plus parts of its environment.
So it could be that we're made of quarks and electrons, while they're made up of totally different stuff.
They're all networks because they are made up of lots and lots of parts that work together.
The hydrogen atom, for example, is made up of an electron orbiting a single proton.
She jabs a long hollow dagger through one of the holes, and through it squirts a blob made up of a few cells.
Remember that at the height of infection, almost half of its body is made up of parasites and it has been castrated.
The subject cluster is believed to be made up of primarily old appearing galaxies.
But as is not the case with an encyclopedia entry, which is made up of facts, there's a lot of opinion in a recipe.
But the real élite is made up not of those who break in but of those who make a difference once they get there.
And others have already made up their minds in favor of others.

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