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To many, they are a snaggletoothed symbol of big government gone mad.
Tell me a tale about animals who really are people and make a princess mad.
Fall asleep at your desk for five minutes---then the boss gets mad.
Fill a few with dry ice to turn your house into a mad scientist's laboratory.
Pop culture icons have turned mad scientist and converted their loved ones into two-headed monstrosities.
Ideas for treating the human form of mad cow disease begin to emerge.
Popular accounts of the turn of the last millennium paint a world gone mad.
The small warehouse is a mad workshop of strange dreams.
The official inquiry into the government's handling of mad cow disease has finally reported.
Genomic selection could also make cattle healthier by helping to fight ailments such as mad cow disease.
Same dull weather day in, day out, till you went mad.
Researchers go around in circles on mad cow disease.
In fact, it is neither an underdeveloped melon nor the freakish product of a mad scientist.
The thing that really makes me mad is that our budget priorities are all screwed up.
The unpredictable drip from a leaky faucet can drive almost anyone mad.
No only that, but she's raving mad and in the attic.
Take a breath, and savour the mad scale of this ambition.
Don't be mad at them and don't question their motives.
Mark got really mad and said he was going to go over the side to warm up.
The world is rarely kind to those who resist its mad course.
They are mad at the system that they were taught oppresses them, but also at themselves.
The past two years have been a mad rush to make up for past mistakes.
Turns out he's mad about fruit especially blueberries.
Nothing gets people mad quicker than feeling unloved, or more to the point, disrespected.
However, making a mad rush at the end to bring the tenure packet up to minimally acceptable is unlikely to be viewed favorably.
But be aware that you can be honest without being raving mad or overly negative.
One or two said their significant others were fuming mad because they weren't answering texts.
Debarred from anything on which he had set his heart, he would have gone mad with longing if he had not gone mad with rage.
The joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits.
But what makes them mad is that they are repeated, again and again, whenever they fail.
Yet indeed, the covert operations going mad nowadays.
Inevitably, more people came to be seen as mad, or to see themselves as so.
They get their pension earlier because they would get mad otherwise.
Most of all, refrain from the mad dog desire to make everybody in sight pay for the offense.
Population control is the only single answer, all the rest is political correctness gone mad.
Nobody would be mad at you if you deleted that first comment.
Scientists think infection levels of mad cow disease increase with age.
The predictions were made before the mad cow case was discovered.
The next moment-seized by some collective switch of the brain-thousands made a mad dash to the other side.
In the testing lab, a mad-science contraption pumps rainbows of liquid through dozens of clear tubes into shiny steel canisters.
When will the mad scientists stop and realize they can't control nature.
Don't be mad at government because you made risky decisions.
The real problem is the criminal you cannot reform: the human mad dog or cobra.
Many see him as a power-mad, rapacious right-wing vulgarian.
If you don't give someone a raise, maybe they're mad.
The fact that his career was so short-he went mad at twenty-nine-makes this void more painful.
Watching one's father go mad is both scary and dislocating.
The company tests the serum on apes, one of which goes mad and has to be destroyed.
The other candidate who did win sings the same song but cleverly uses different lyrics that makes him sound less mad.
No one knew how exacting he was-a mad perfectionist with an aesthetic few would understand.
We all get mad, but he gets more criticism than the rest of us.

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