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Example sentences for macroscopic

Changing the shape of an aircraft can be done at a microscopic as well as a macroscopic level.
We have to answer this question at the macroscopic level, not by examining the learning of some picayune item.
The microscopic vision of the eighteenth century was succeeded by the macroscopic eve of the nineteenth.
Even so, one could not decide the timing of macroscopic events with the microscopic.
Information is an orderly arrangement of matter whether macroscopic, microscopic or subatomic.
How quantum physics translates to the macroscopic realm, what dark matter is and how it interacts with the rest of the world.
One of the great challenges for quantum physicists is to find quantum behaviour in macroscopic objects.
The trouble is that nobody really understands how these macroscopic signals are linked to the microscopic state of the body.
Today's macroscopic heat engines are clearly more efficient than biological ones.
The former is in a category which transcends macroscopic physics.
It's an impressive example of quantum uncertainty on a macroscopic scale.
My macroscopic car is also an impressive feat of engineering, but it's no good if a crucial component breaks.
The separation between the quantum world and the macroscopic world is still unclear and interests many researchers.
There is confusion here between macroscopic and microscopic variables.
Of course my room isn't a proper thermodynamic system, but it's essentially a microscopic system scaled up to a macroscopic size.
Friction is a macroscopic phenomena caused by the electromagnetic interaction between atoms in the two materials.
The idea of macroscopic statistical fluctuations is fascinating, if bizarre.
On the other hand, look at all the macroscopic problems your new microscopic theory may be able to address.
The water is in equilibrium, the highest entropy it can achieve given the macroscopic constraints.
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