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If your digital camera includes what's known as macro mode, you might be able to get better shots at close range.
Macro econ modelers have attempted many times to do it and have failed miserably.
They think that the world is a solid place with macro occurrences, whereas some of us support the notion of energies.
So creative compared to the usual macro insect images.
We challenged our readers to give us their best macro photos and vote on which ones they liked best.
The macro replicates the micro, as it is made out of the micro substances.
Many point-and-shoots have a macro setting, usually denoted by a flower.
But in sum, the models are only as good as the theory behind them, and the macro theories differ dramatically.
At the macro scale, education initiatives need to build slowly and pace themselves for the long-haul.
There are micro and macro meanings to this development, and none of them are good.
Free will exists but the macro universe is deterministic.
Second, turn off the functions in your computer that open so-called macro applications automatically.
Unstable biodiversity in the microbial level can have serious consequences on the macro world.
In addition, the wind is usually calm at this time, making for easy macro shooting.
Actually, if you were an economist, you'd realize that micro and macro phenomenons aren't the same.
Side two of the figure stone depicts a micro-carved skull which is also an egg in bird's nest in macro perspective.
Great macro mode for close-ups of flowers, bugs, and set lists.
Communication on the macro scale becomes the number of screens transmitting light at any given time.
Focus is key in successful macro photography, in which a shallow depth of field is inherent.
You've worked in the region as a journalist, so you have some context on the macro-scale.
The currents were quite strong and the conditions weren't really good for shooting macro.
In reality, macro shots are closeups of small objects.
The problem with macro is that you can't conduct controlled experiments with it as you can in micro or in the natural sciences.
Within the euro area, they might even try to use their powers as an instrument of macro-economic policy.
Apparently all economists except mainstream macro economists know about it.
Need a lot of these for macro-size power, but not much for a nano-machine.
Notice how it doesn't say anything even suggesting macro-evolution.
People who are trained in macro, they think about the interest rate.
Surely adding macro lenses to cameras is not sufficiently novel for patentability.
There is no poof-existence from the micro or quanta to the macro or universe.
Now they're still in trouble because of the macro economic situation.
On a macro scale, the great imperial systems of history have been exercises in outsourcing.
The implications of this revision are mostly macro in nature.
Goldman says it made a big macro call on the markets, pulling back on risk taking.
It's the only way a national macro system is viable.
In the macro world, a ball never spontaneously shoots itself over a wall.
The chemistry of batteries needs to be improved at the nano level and brought up to the macro level.
There may be different processes going on, at macro and micro levels.
Some teach evolutionary biology as though it only applies to molecular biology-completely ignoring macro-evolution of species.
It also won't stop your body from losing its ability to repair cellular damage on a macro scale.
Chaos at a micro scale but startlingly stable and predictable at the macro level.
The same goes for any event on the macro or microscopic scale.
The best approach to having a healthy body is having a healthy amount of all macro-nutrients.
We need hypothetical formula's now on how to harness and channel that energy from macro to nano for space travel.
Discovery and exploration are calling, either on a macro or micro scale.
When society makes a decision to allow the activity or ban it, it's making a macro-level choice that's a social policy decision.
His standard line is that he's not smart enough for macro.
The week's other case suggested larger issues, a macro-drama.
It made business a macro subject and used business reporting to illuminate society and culture.
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