macho in a sentence

Example sentences for macho

Prove what a big macho jerkoff you are by wiping out every other living thing.
Both are macho, sporty and prone to authoritarian instincts.
Also of little use are some more macho notions doing the rounds.
These may be difficult for boys who come from macho backgrounds.
He was a new kind of musical star, not macho and aggressive, but soft to the eye and maybe to the touch.
Forget about hapless mates being dragged around by macho mammoth killers.
The macho adores femaleness and wants to dominate what he adores.
Frank's brand of celebrity as a macho self-help guru is seen as symptomatic of the film's time and place.
And he does have his macho moments, famously challenging his soldiers to push-up contests.

Famous quotes containing the word macho

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