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The newest device aiming for efficiency in the retail distribution of dry goods is a merchandise vending machine.
Fuel cells can power almost any portable device or machine that uses batteries.
The venerable slot machine is undergoing a generational shift.
It seems more likely that they pressed the wrong button, or that the machine failed to register their votes properly.
OK, so there's no such thing as a gamma ray machine that zaps scientists and turns them into giant green monsters.
One common take on this machine is a wheel or water mill that uses changes in weight to continually rotate.
For larger lawns, you may prefer to rent a dethatching machine.
It's fairly easy for a machine to pick pieces of wood and cardboard out of a mountain of paper.
Machine tool makers are part of the nation's industrial bedrock.
The machine was a large investment, so it takes several years for the machine to pay for itself.
Researchers have built one of the world's smallest controllable robots-a machine tinier than the period that ends this sentence.
And yet you get into the time machine and walk out a hundred years later and these places are crucial.
Your can get an environmentally friendly car and an environmentally friendly washing machine.
Running your iPod through a washing machine cycle might not be fatal, but it's certainly not a good idea.
They selected a machine that retains the original paper ballot.
When the new machine arrives, all you'll need to do is install your software and transfer your files.
One such machine has already been awarded a patent for something it quietly invented on its own.
As scientists work to link machine and mind, bionic limbs are gaining many of the capabilities of human ones.
There can be only one top-dog collider in physics, one ring-shaped machine to rule them all.
When the door is opened, the noise spills out along with the smell of fibers mixed with machine oil.
Then a giant machine sucks up the nuts and shoots them into the totes.
Visions of future technology don't involve being chained to a desktop machine.
At the end of the day, it's machine vs machines vs machines.
Sew the pinned edges as close to the edge as possible using a sewing machine.
But this x-ray machine has been augmented with x-ray diffraction technology that increases the machine's accuracy.
Road-trippers today don't expect much more from a rest stop than a stale vending machine and, if they're lucky, a clean bathroom.
Carol's machine can calculate polynomials with results of up to three digits.
It also marries science to the economic machine in a way that may not be entirely desirable.
The soldiers wave their machine guns and scream at the rangers to get down.
The new machine allows physicians to view tissue in detail and gauge its health simultaneously.
The machine at the top is the air pump for aeration.
The typical office copy machine is a modern-day wonder, but it can also be a source of considerable frustration.
Some flit from table to table, machine to machine and game to game.
The arts advocacy machine is running in high gear these days.
The heart-thumping, eye-blinking miracle that is the human body machine is one thing.
Stone-dressers will not be pleased to hear of a newly-contrived machine for dressing stone by hand.
Adding music in this context may cross the thin line between a killing machine and a dancing machine.
Go grocery shopping, take the dog for a walk, and let the answering machine handle your calls.
The freaking stubborn machine again makes the x-axis correspond to age groups, and the colored bands correspond to year.
Any pedal-powered commuting machine worth its salt has to fulfill a few basic criteria.
Bring power bars so you avoid the candy machine when you're hungry.
Cyclocross teamsters aren't the only guys in need of a versatile machine.
Teaching a machine to speak has been a dream for decades.
He jumped from the plane with a machine gun in his hands and a tuxedo in his backpack.
They'll work better than any cleaning product or machine.
All she had was a bottle of whiskey, a machine gun and a machete.
Bulk business mailings are inserted by machine in a controlled, supervised environment.
He'd heard the story break as soon as it happened and left a message on our home answering machine.
He knew he must first put his clothes into the washing machine.
There are no machine guns, rocket launchers, or other heavy firepower here.
The question of machine intelligence is a tricky one.
Of course, if you don't have a desktop machine in the house, this suggestion is worth about what you paid for it.
The churning magma was something akin to a giant agitating washing machine.
While the demonstration gets off to a smooth start, the machine soon malfunctions.
Think about it, tenured professors actually think they are important to the machine of higher education.
He and his two grandsons climb aboard a machine that resembles an automated car wash on wheels-a blueberry harvester.
Find a leg-press machine that doesn't use free weights.
Instead, however, the machine rose again and continued on its way.
The sport will not be without some element of danger, but with a good machine this danger need not be excessive.
Now computer programmers are harnessing software versions of these same processes to achieve machine intelligence.
Many people know that it limits the amount of work a machine can deliver.
Tomorrow, they have the machine vid-scan you in your sleep.
Any pedal-powered commuting machine worth its salt has to fulfil a few basic criteria.
The operations of the commercial machine were facilitated by many useful and beautiful inventions.
To speed up the job, engineers built a flute-carving machine.
Axel begins feeding ingredients into the sausage-mixing machine's doughnut-shaped trough.
He sprinkles in a bowl of cubed lard as the machine spins and shreds its contents.
Machine guns attract little notice from the makers of military budgets, because they are relatively cheap.
Coke responded by running away from the heat-seeking vending machine as fast as possible.
Information about individual shoppers' habits feeds an insidious, behind-the-scenes marketing machine, one new book warns.
There are also machine-based solutions, where software does the work of transcription.
But even that database will not capture the nuances of working on a particular machine, she notes.
The goal of education is not to learn or to teach but to serve as a machine that churns out students as standardized products.
To answer your question, no, you were a replaceable cog in the machine.
My friendships remains solid, they have not devolved into something faceless and machine-driven.
He drew two lines in the southwest corner: a future machine room.
Next to that, a chemist's laboratory, followed by a storeroom and a secondary machine room.
The machine that makes these ball bearings has broken down.
Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when full.
The heart is a magnificent machine when it's in good working order.
Shah lowers his machine gun, smoke curling from the barrel.
If they stick, the findings could set the stage for a less expensive x-ray machine that does not require electricity.
Two washing-machine-sized satellites recently went into orbit around the moon.
Come up with a protocol for inter-machine communication and networking and start hooking the machines together.
GE has intended it to be highly standardized so that any competent machine shop can produce parts for any location.
Finally, to increase the strength of generators, engineers traditionally expand the machine's diameter.
Today it's a secret killing machine, lobbing missiles from flying robots halfway around the world.
Most of the card consists of the illustration of a portion of the machine, with input on the left and output on the right.
So slowly that you have to look twice to see movement, the machine flexes his knee.
Some are armed with only a machine gun, while others also carry anti-ship missiles.
Then, guided by a computer, the testing machine drips a different chemical into each well.
Twenty years ago state firms were nothing more than parts of the government machine.
The firm's engineers are developing a machine that is inserted through the urethra in the same way as an endoscope.
One moment it is your work machine, complete with a set of corporate applications and tight security settings.
At one point the marketing machine wanted to kick in, he says, but that could have shortened the band's future.
He explains that it is almost the same machine, but without the name and it costs.
Later they had the option of typing entire books into a computer, so that the machine could do the counting.
Already pounded by mortars, the floundering line is instantly swept by crossing machine-gun fires from both ends of the beach.
We use an expensive machine rather than watchful waiting.
It is easier now than it was a decade ago to sit down at any machine, anywhere, and have an idea of how to make it go.
The machine itself is complicated in that it has many parts that are redundant and overlap and intertwine.
In the steam era a giant engine powered a central rotating shaft, and machine tools ran off pulleys in long linear factories.
How this one little machine can change your life in the kitchen.
He orders two ryes and water and feeds one to the machine.
The machine was bought used and had been at the store only a few days.
Driverless trains enhance the sense that the whole thing is less a piece of architecture than one big machine.
My husband refuses to have a cell phone, or an answering machine in his office, and he turns off his phone when he works.
He even fiddles with the balky machine while company executives sit all around him.
When she grabs a machine gun, she holds the trigger down and can't stop spraying bullets all over the place.
It is easily bullied into acquiescing in the designs of a presidential propaganda machine determined to dominate the news.
That's the way a machine works, relentless and preordained, with no room for the personal transcendence that conscience gives.
Obviously a great poet is more than a metaphor machine, and some employ no metaphors at all.
Generally there are two people at a machine, one a skilled worker, one an apprentice.
And on the floor below, she stuffed my wallet behind the ice machine.
The top machine-gunners opened up in response-though at fighters who were largely invisible.
Years later, he showed up to be deposed during a lawsuit, armed with his trusty steno machine.
Snap decisions more often than not turn out to be the right ones as commanders kick-start the dormant military machine.
There's something the matter with your washing machine, he told her.
Five years ago he was ambushed and machine-gunned while driving his car.
It is this sort of failure which brought the machine to its knees shortly after commissioning, over a year ago.
After the silk proteins are extracted and purified, a machine spins them into the needed fibers.
The human brain and senses, the ability to wonder and to confront the unexpected-you can't get that out of a machine.
But your hospital might not be able to afford a scan machine yet.
Sometime in the future, a group of renegade scientists and technologists will take a time machine to now.
Do you think for a minute that he's pulling out sixty cents worth of fuel for each pound of plastic he's putting into his machine.
The noise machine only wins if they can outshout reality, so it's important to keep writing about it.
They erroneously thought they could replicate humanity in a machine without actually understanding human psychology.
Providing developers with machine learning on tap could unleash a flood of smarter apps.
Eventually, several of the fastest and fittest came to life, manufactured in a rapid-prototyping machine.
One neural network supervises the machine learning and the other steers that learning.
Patients breathed into a machine that kept their exhalations at body temperature and circulated them over the sensing array.
Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded.
Workers may also be injured by material thrown from the machine.
Injuries resulting from inadequate machine guarding are of concern due to their potential severity.
As the machine prepares to inject molten plastic into the mold, the platens close and press the mold halves tightly together.
The machine operates on the principal of the conveyer belt card sorter.

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