münch in a sentence

Example sentences for münch

But it will munch through a colony of aphids with a wonderful sense of mission.
Or looking at your appendix and deciding, that you are designed to munch or tough tree-leafs.
When pigs are present, and that tree-fern stem is lying on the ground, the pigs will come along and munch on it.
Unusual island crows wandered about, as ready to munch on fruit as rob a nest or scavenge leftovers.
If the weather's fine, munch your warm brioche at one of the tables on the pavement.
Some caterpillars munch on drug-laced leaves to rid themselves of crippling parasites, a new study finds.
Adult twig catfish also munch on algae as well as the fallen plant matter they use for camouflage.
During your next airport layover or flight delay, skip the fast food and munch on gourmet cuisine.
Visitors never seemed to tire of watching the pudgy couple munch bamboo.
More crunch than munch, the males' abdomens are hollow.
Pythons can munch on prey without the restrictions of a hinged jaw.
Customers happily munch on the dripping creations as juice spills their mouths, over their faces.
The hippos trotted out of the water and began to munch.
These rings are caused animals such as fish and sea urchins, which munch on the algae and seaweed that cover the reef floor.
Horses, experimental subjects of the agriculture department, munch clover in the field outside his window.
Astronauts can also munch on nuts, granola bars and cookies.
When you're seated, you'll be given a small bowl of spicy sprouts to munch on while you peruse the extensive menu.
Human babies gum and grope for things munch on to soothe the pain.
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