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Calling a cellphone a mere phone seems a little silly these days.
Byrnes bolted out the front door of the clubhouse riding his beach cruiser bicycle mere minutes after the game ended.
The disparity goes beyond mere headcounts.
As of yesterday the trekkers were a mere 13 miles (21 kilometers) shy of their goal.
As a second-generation general manager of a legendary comics shop, that's not mere hyperbole.
This seemingly naive affirmation is no mere rhetorical device.
Mere friends are we,—well, friends the merest.
No longer is the fruit a mere ingredient in fattening desserts.
It may come as a shock, then, that mere mortals have now made artificial life.
Coral Sea begins mere steps from 40 stylish open-air rooms.
Unfortunately, that bonnet was a mere hive.
No, it was not ready in time for the feast and the yield ended up being a mere trifle.
Rick made every obstacle a mere way station on the road to a destination he never doubted would be reached.
Basically, good fasting consists of walking a line between health-endangering practices on one side and mere form on the other.
The mere fact of that newsroom debate was an indication that times were changing.
On the other hand, my new job will start a mere few weeks after the contract arrives.
Scrivener is more than a mere word processor, though, and that's the beauty and wonder of the program.
To me, these seem far more important criteria to potential applicants than mere popularity votes.
It is the real deeds that matter not the mere signs and declarations.
The mere presence of a teacher doesn't necessarily make a good course in any environment.
Mere disclosure is unlikely to fix the problem, however.
No mere albatross, it stigmatizes its owner in ways that usually leave permanent scars.
Simply put, many small towns are mere years away from extinction, while others limp along in a weakened and disabled state.
In the other, the speech was mere showmanship, without substance.
The mere sight of a snake or spider strikes terror in the hearts of millions of people.
Most people may dismiss their fantastic feats-and their formidable foes-as mere fantasy.
But at some point shoes stopped being mere protection and become a fashion item.
These shorter changes came in bursts, causing the climate to jump from cold to hot to cold again, sometimes in mere decades.
Yet, once you're on the ground and hungry, you may find those experiences mere appetizers to the main event: food.
It was nothing but sixty minutes of slamming mankind for its mere existence.
Mere lack of evidence, of course, is no reason to denounce a theory.
Then came this art-industrial frenzy, which turns mere art lovers into gawking street urchins.
At that point, the collector burned the receipt, consigning the work to mere memory.
Most of them are mere shifts of emphasis, some are marginal tweaks, and a few are either substantive or nonexistent.
The show, a mere thirty minutes long, is thus surprisingly boring and difficult to follow.
The way people respond to tragedy has a prurient interest for outsiders, but art transcends mere fascination.
His buttocks already ached from flexing, and the mere thought of envisioning the desolate beach unmanned him.
But he didn't want to begin the novel with mere description.
But it is not the mere fact of his being a poet of nature that makes him unique.
Because if he were to begin by mere painful copying, he would produce masks only, not forms breathing life.
What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming.
Against such an actual experience no mere argument can avail.
They were no longer mere shows, distracting the spectator from the main theme of the drama, but helps to the understanding of it.
On the other hand, the mere conduct of the story has much that is beautiful in it.
The hotel in which he had begun life so hopefully was now a mere ghost of what a hotel should be.
Yet he is not a mere exaggerator, one of the popular demoniacs who work as if in the flare and roar of a boiler-factory.
It is an important part of criticism, more important than any mere expression of opinion.
They wondered in particular if the mere presence of a canine in the office might make people collaborate more effectively.
Some of it is mere noise: obscure companies promoting their services and even more obscure bloggers sounding off.
For mere mortals, it has come to signify any big downward move in a portfolio's value.
But this was mere background to the drama over the state budget.
Human societies, though, are more complex than mere dyads.
The mere threat of a buy-out also helps keep managers at all listed firms on their toes.
It started with mere bookmaking-illegal, of course-but soon involved other criminal pastimes.
In people, the mere perception of being isolated is more than enough to create the bad health effects.
The fresh-born firm may be a mere clone of another one in a neighbouring town.
Maybe it's the consistency of belief that devolves into mere conformity.
The old interwar national state based on territory and political sovereignty looks to be a mere transitional development.
Highly developed social skills are different from mere sociability.
Liang also demonstrated to officialdom that they need not view the mere existence of citizen groups as an outright threat.
The mere sound of the syllables sends ripples of discomfort across his face.
After a mere two-month break, prices are rising again.
Bad as it looked, this was a mere dusting: he'd endured worse.
In its favor, it was devoid of hubris about what mere mortals can ever really know.
But while it does contain reward and punishment, it doles neither out in as capricious a fashion as mere birth does.
It turns out, however, that our ability to shape our dreams is better than mere chance.
At the same time, sequence became relevant as language evolved from mere grunts to grammatically complex sentences.
We are exquisitely able to recognize other individuals and to read their emotions from mere glimpses of their faces.
Leadership in these realms requires vision and imagination that transcends mere engineering ingenuity.
Out of context, many of our behaviors-if limited to the mere veneer of plain description-would raise many an eyebrow.
The mere act of living contributes to the inexorable degeneration of the world.
The mere idea of it is so intoxicating, you might even overlook a flaw or two.
It's easy to ridicule this behavior as mere snobbery.
Their task: to build a game from scratch in a mere four days.
For the people you do add, set up two lists: one for mere contacts and the other for actual pals.
Too often, either the story itself is lacking or the recipes are mere throwaways tacked on to the end of chapters.
After viewing the videotapes, he concluded that what appeared to be communication was mere imitation.
These transcriptions have been underrated since many of them are mere showpieces.
But the sound of dissent is often mere background noise.
In many ways, though, their nonreality is a mere technicality.
The crystals are so tiny they must be measured in nanometers- mere billionths of a meter.
Lovejoy, meanwhile, says the apelike features are mere evolutionary holdovers.
Since then, taxonomists have tried to group organisms according to common ancestry rather than mere similarity.
Factors other than mere proximity can make inbreeding attractive.
We're actually in a fortunate position of having identified a problem a mere decade or so after it began.
Even the mere thought of money can make us take mundane joys for granted.
And yet there was a context, and that context is not mere window dressing.
We might imagine that these people really know that they're deceiving themselves, and that their words are mere bravado.
Contribution among wrongdoers may be enforced where the wrong is a mere act of negligence and involves no moral turpitude.
Nor does it protect other mere listings of ingredients such as those found in formulas, compounds, or prescriptions.
Mere itemization of what the debt collector already has does not accomplish this purpose.
Instead of the steamy embrace economy watchers have been awaiting, the data offered a mere encouraging peck on the cheek.
Make the mere membership in a gang a felony, regardless of age, punishable by five years in jail.
Most people can attest that the mere expectation of relief can somehow prompt the body to respond.
Spoken words become mere sounds, a meaningless buzz in the ears.
When stylized artfully, they have so much more wit and personality than mere human beings.

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