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Example sentences for lyricism

Again, this trait has threatened the more philosophical lyricism of his music as an art form.
Sumptuous singing and lyricism at the keyboard are always collectable.
We may come back to the many efforts of lyricism in the text, which don't often scale the intended heights.
The late paintings have an airy lightness and a lyricism for which there is no precedent in a half century of the artist's work.
Dove creates work that is equal parts lyricism, critique, and politics.
Her lyricism is discussed in an extensive introduction.
Rhythms, cadences, and lyricism in his prose often carry the narrative forward as in verse.
His poems have their own qualities of delicate lyricism and honesty of vision.
The crime procedural's taut lyricism was fiercely engaging.

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There are in me, in literary terms, two distinct characters: one who is taken with roaring, with lyricism, ... more
The lyricism of marginality may find inspiration in the image of the "outlaw," the great social nomad, who ... more
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