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The new bands are totally simplistic in lyrical content, and musical ability.
There it produced a lyrical tune as if it were a bird.
Shah evoked a yearning for the divine through lyrical gestures of reaching and retreat.
He waxes lyrical about the potential for businesses from advances in the life sciences.
Over the next five months these tiny missives would morph into a complex, engrossing and even lyrical narrative.
Shea's style combines a briskly practical surface with a lyrical undertone.
The news ballad was a natural extension of this lyrical world.
But there are certain blue-gray, incremental areas of experience which can't be conveyed at lyrical pitch.
Yet the mood of these albums has been jubilant and lyrical rather than strident.
He dramatized this spectacle with lyrical specificity and, as his work matured, increasing subtlety.
He often appeared to target personal foes, a factor that later hindered his lyrical purity.
Whereas the book was lyrical and moving, the movie is surrealistic and inventive.
Primitive times are lyrical, ancient times epical, modern times dramatic.
Even the personal and lyrical portions do not destroy the impression that the poem is a true birth of the old allegory.
But the fragile, delicately wrought vessel of lyrical form is capable of inexhaustible variety and wealth of content.
It's a sad and somewhat self-consciously lyrical story about loneliness, insecurity, and failure.
Brinnin's lyrical description of the poet's seedy, romantic life was an introduction to the poem that followed.
What ensues is a prolonged dramatization of courage, interrupted by lyrical digression.
In fact, he was more often lyrical and tender: instead of scraggy crows, soft-footed cats.
Green groups grew concerned over poverty, and development charities waxed lyrical about greenery.
But then again, this isn't a lyrical interlude, this is the grand finale.
The lyrical beauty and powerful expression of his film songs have captivated millions.

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