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But it quickly descended into a debate about what makes a song lyric bad.
One noticeable difference, however, is that every lyric has been replaced by their studio engineer singing the word meow.
He lost patience with it once computers were brought in and obscenity cluttered the lyric line.
Both pieces of art slam you with a short burst of lyric intensity, then leave you to think about it.
Perhaps, however, there is more logic in lyric choice than even writers and singers themselves are aware.
The author's lyric style brings past and present alive and unites them as one.
Trends for more meaningful, comforting, and romantic lyric ratings were observed in more threatening social and economic times.
He never did anything in lyric verse to compare with it.
And within the realm of the lyric he confined himself to the narrowest range of ideas.
He has left us a few songs which rank high even in an age which was transcendently great in lyric power and melody.
These poems embrace a number of experiments in lyric metres as well as in the couplet.
He gave some promise of lyric power which he never fulfilled.
When you've never heard a song before but you can correctly predict the next lyric, a little piece of your soul dies.
On the walk to the chair, she thought about the lyric flub.
The simple, soulful melody reminded me of a hymn, and the dignified lyric gave the melody stature.
It has a basic blues structure, attached to a soul horn section, and features a minimal lyric.
But once he was inside the lyric, he had command of the language that he found paralyzing elsewhere.
Her combination of sturdy texture and lack of dramatic flair enables her to sell a lyric in a number of styles.
The object in question can be a packet or a jar and can also be a text, such as a proverb or a song lyric.
In the last section of the trio the trombone is given a beautiful lyric meditation unrelated to the music of the other players.
Even a terse novel is encrusted with detail by comparison with a lyric poem.
His loveliest lyric-in my time every schoolboy knew it-may go back even earlier.
The lyric poem wants to be a complete world, excluding all others, if only for the duration of the reading.
Sometimes on the rests between notes her lips shape the coming lyric, as if the words were fighting their way out of her.
Narrative provides the major formal tension to the lyric stability in a poem.
The lesson, though, is not as easily understood as the lyric suggests.
In the absence of printed lyric sheets the subject of the debate would sometimes be what his lyrics actually were.
The lyric poem is all about the beauty of the season and the melancholy mood that occurs as fall turns into winter.

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