lynx in a sentence

Example sentences for lynx

Nearby reside the relics of elk and lynx, coyote and loon, pelican and wolf.
Lynx-eyed toward our equals, and moles to ourselves.
For vulgarity, in particular, she has the eye of a lynx.
The marksman who bags one must have nerves and sinews of steel, and the eyes of a lynx, as well.
Others include chinchilla, lynx, muskrats and coyotes.
The lynx and grizzly are threatened species, while the gray wolf is endangered.

Famous quotes containing the word lynx

He wore like a jewel a lemon-hued lynx With sand-waves loving her brow.... more
The Indian said that he had got his money by hunting, mostly high up the West Branch of the Penobscot, and toward the he... more
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