lymphatic system in a sentence

Example sentences for lymphatic system

But there are hints that they may lurk in the lymphatic system as well, including the white blood cells.
It's important to not sleep in a flat position to allow your lymphatic system to drain.
The spleen is usually included in this list and sometimes the lymph and hemolymph nodes described with the lymphatic system.
The disease was tightening its grip, attacking his skin and his lymphatic system.
The tracer or dye then flows through the lymphatic system into the sentinel node.
But any cancer patient whose lymphatic system has been damaged by radiation or the removal of lymph nodes is vulnerable.
The discovery endangers a prominent theory about the origin of the mysterious disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system.
Within a matter of hours the bacteria will have taken over the entire lymphatic system.
Cancer cells can also break away from the tumor and enter the bloodstream or the lymphatic system.
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