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Example sentences for luxuriously

The property is set in well-manicured gardens and has a range of luxuriously appointed rooms, all in soothing, earthy tones.
The hotel boasts luxuriously manicured gardens that surround a beautiful swimming pool and an expansive sun and beach deck.
Luxuriously updated hotel, new winery add luster to region.
The villas are luxuriously appointed and include all expected amenities.
The hotel's luxuriously decorated guest rooms and suites include cable televisions and in-room movies.
We live comfortably but not luxuriously in a high cost of living state.
Although he lived well, he did not live luxuriously.
People were the plus-ones in a room filled with four-legged and mostly single-name celebrities, all luxuriously wrapped in fur.
One of the apartment's attractions is a whirlpool bath in which the characters luxuriously immerse themselves.
It handled beautifully, and it was luxuriously appointed.
It is a straight vehicle for her appearance, and she rides it luxuriously.
The generous master suite has a fireplace, vaulted ceiling, jetted soaking tub and luxuriously large closet.
These limousine buses come with luxuriously high-backed seats.
The optional leather upholstery is luxuriously soft and slightly bunched.
In place of blubber, sea otters have a dense coat of luxuriously soft fur.
These rooms were furnished neatly but not luxuriously.
High-ranking police officials receive a modest salary yet live luxuriously.
Sixty-five were seated at the sup per tables, which were luxuriously spread and were beautifully decorated with flow ers.

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To spend the time luxuriously Becomes not men of worth.... more
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