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Example sentences for luxurious

Her work, in fact, was as chaotic and confused as it was luxurious and improvident.
The mind, which has feasted on the luxurious wonders of fiction, has no taste of the insipidity of truth.
The pedagogue's mouth watered, as he looked upon this sumptuous promise of luxurious winter fare.
Spiegel was hungry and he offered him a month's luxurious living in return for his grease.
Among humans, however, scent is less vital and more luxurious.
Even non-golfers can enjoy the luxurious pool and outdoor dining with views of the golf course and water.
No state fair can be called trendy, luxurious, dreamy-none of that.
Despite this luxurious conditions, these fish are no different than their leaner cousins.
The new factory building is almost overwhelmingly luxurious.
After taking a few luxurious puffs he opened an old book of humorous stories and began to read aloud.
People live in not luxurious but proper houses, eat food from rice they cultivate and fish they catch themselves from the sea.
Rather rich and luxurious to have choices, to use either eggplant or aubergine, flat or apartment.
Biscuits arrive with a luxurious golden crust on the outside and a gooey, doughy center.
The granite façade, arched windows, and twenty-foot ceilings make the café seem solid and even luxurious.
As something of a plaything it is luxurious and extremely well kept.
Our room was spacious and comfortable, if not luxurious.
Ok, maybe a warm body might pull her away from this luxurious spot.
There are well over a hundred rooms across the entire resort, ranging from the standard hotel room to luxurious suites.
He says corporate leaders could achieve the same business results using less luxurious, less expensive jets.
Rooms and suites come with luxurious pillow-top mattresses, plush duvet, and designer pillows.
Luxurious accommodations include a stocked minibar and a balcony hammock for relaxing.
Featured attractions range from pontoon boats and runabouts to luxurious yachts and cruisers.
But that strategy makes less sense at a time when people want to dress up, when they want more color, style and luxurious fabrics.
They're fine as desserts, but if you leave out the sugar and dairy, they make luxurious appetizers or light main courses.
Some were relatively luxurious, with regular showers and even pools.
It drives up health care costs by encouraging luxurious plans and by separating people from the consequences of their decisions.
These luxurious gardens provide a spiritual haven from worldly worries.
We are capable of producing both a luxurious quilted mattress and a standard mattress used for dorm and quarters furniture.
As the colonists' standard of living became more luxurious, specialized furniture forms were developed.
After much study and many tests, she has formulated her own recipes to create nourishing, moisturizing and luxurious products.
Peasants wear colors but the fabrics from which their clothes are made is much less luxurious to the touch than that of nobility.
Even though the algal growth was luxurious, the diversity was second lowest of the eight beaches surveyed for algae.

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