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Sharp teeth and sticky tongues lurk everywhere in the wild.
Underneath this interface lurk two vision systems that work in parallel.
Groups of sullen-looking bachelor monkeys lurk outside the herds.
Some spectacular salad combinations lurk in this lineup.
They lurk in the aisles, and they linger at the booths.
It's more than hubris, which can sometimes lurk behind an introverted personality.
It would even indicate the nature of the dark energy and dark matter that lurk at the edge of perception.
Bizarre fish with sensitive eyes, translucent fangs, and bioluminescent lures lurk about in nearby waters.
Traces of chemicals known to cause human cancer lurk everywhere.
We look for whatever scientific tidbits might lurk behind those stories.
It's a friendly place, but some tough monsters lurk in its dungeon.
Good friends sometimes lurk amidst scores of eccentric colleagues.
Nobody knows what financial calamities lurk under the surface or by how much credit will shrink.
Amazing beasts lurk in the murky depths of the ocean.
So lurk a little and get a sense of what is considered proper.
But behind the rosy headlines lurk signs of weakness.
Other surprises certainly lurk within the still unfolding saga of the dinosaurs.
Lurk is the cognitive apprenticeship term for legitimate peripheral participation.
Behind the bromides of the white paper lurk some genuine innovations.
Submarines lurk beneath the waves waiting to strike.
Times suggests that the story to follow will thumb its nose at pointy-headed experts in general and wherever they may lurk.
Two substantive policy ideas lurk in the undergrowth here.
And there's little doubt that other surprises lurk within the cracks and crevices of these underground realms.
But somewhere among them must lurk one of humanity's ancient ancestors.
Though governments are helping with terrorism cover, other unknowns surely lurk.
Worse, the hurricane could well exacerbate the tensions that lurk in the city.
They lurk in gangs on street corners, waiting to carry people or goods, or run errands.
Ahead lurk minefields galore, any of which the centre-left could rapidly blunder into.
The sampling covers only a minuscule part of the prostate, making it easy to miss regions where cancerous cells may lurk.
Several big ideas lurk in the green paper, even if not all are fully spelt out.
Alongside the economic motives lurk some raw politics.
Left-wing nuts, on the other hand, lurk in the shadow.
No one knows how many militants still lurk in the creeks.
At one end is a large tank in which some dozen lobsters lurk.
Signing off and finding other threads to lurk around.
Dig deeper, though, and the outline of a confined proprietary system seems to lurk menacingly in the shadows.
They lurk in every pantry: cans and bags of beans bought long ago for a forgotten meal, now dusty and unloved on a back shelf.
Scampering across the forest floor, where predators lurk, can be perilous.
They lurk around the ants' trails, pretending to be ants and grabbing a meal when the opportunity arises.
Many of them are unaware of the hidden danger that could lurk in their meat.
Personal freedoms were surrendered, creativity and risk-taking never flourished, the leadership seemed to lurk behind every tree.
Most scorpions lurk outside their lairs at night, and ambush their prey.
Seasonal scares are fun, but legitimate ghost hunters are out to find where the paranormal really lurk.
Listeria do tend to lurk in wet crevices of packing plants.
Although the landscape looks solid enough today, dangers still lurk.
Ammunition storage bunkers lurk half buried behind barbed-wire fences.
They know their home turf, which trees are fruiting at what time of year, where the local predators tend to lurk.
Walking home from the party he must cross a long covered bridge, and in the darkness lurk envious eyes.
They may also lurk beneath the skin's surface: mental trauma that persists long after the events that provoked it.
The same criminals operating work-at-home scams often lurk on dating websites.
But countless dangers lurk: poisonous gases, flooded tunnels, explosive vapors and unstable walls and roofs.
These offenders no longer need to lurk in parks and malls.
Spoilage yeasts that lurk inside wine as it ferments and ages pose a major challenge to winemakers.
Wherever there are plants, seeds lurk, ready to replace any pulled plants.
It suggests that naturally occurring digestive tract protozoa may be a place where dangerous bacteria can also lurk and develop.

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