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Example sentences for luncheon

If luncheon meats are to be your rebuttal for scientifically sound arguments, your point of view is dead meat.
The attendees attended the keynote speeches, and the banquet speeches, and the luncheon speeches.
The luncheon dress might be called fashion's version of a watercress and endive salad.
The convocation was followed by a special luncheon attended by professors and administrators aplenty.
And one may not ask for an invitation to a luncheon or a dinner for a stranger.
The ceremony will take place in the family chapel, followed by a luncheon.
Her characters, with their dry wit and sense of irony, are the sort of people you'd want to sit next to at a bad work luncheon.
However, in this new format, only the top five nominees will be announced prior to the luncheon.
Winners in each of three categories were announced at the luncheon.

Famous quotes containing the word luncheon

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you who baited your hook with wide-awake dreams, and calls and letters and once a luncheon, and twice a rea... more
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