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Fortunately, the power of the lunatic fringe remained considerably smaller than its grandstanding.
Pity the lunatic fringe, poring over the lexicon to find an ersatz euphemism for suicide.
And you talk with him for a while and feel safe because he's not a lunatic.
The lunatic fringe group throws their weight around quite a bit, and desperately wants to portray themselves as the majority.
At the time, proponents of global warming were generally considered the lunatic fringe.
In other words their support for terrorism stemmed in a lunatic way from a smothered understanding that terrorism might be wrong.
Imagine you are going to a summer school run by a certified lunatic.
Keeping an open mind does not mean accepting as truth the ravings of a lunatic.
Eng is a strange mixture of lunatic charisma and a complete lack of mental agility.
It seems lunatic to think the outside world can do serious business with such a regime.
They will call the cops because you are obviously a dangerous lunatic if you think such a thing might be possible.
The bottom line is that this was the act of a lunatic.
If every professor who backed a lunatic politician were to be sacked, half the interesting minds in academia would be lost.
Today, many would dismiss such crudely racist views as belonging to a tiny right-wing lunatic fringe.
Too often the lunatic fringe hijack the discussions.
In their goggles and leather helmets, some of the world's best piloti thundered through little towns at lunatic speeds.
Atop the hill, a lone oil derrick bounces its lunatic head up and down.
There is a lunatic fringe out there that is confused by reality.
He had an incoherent set of demands-a true lunatic-and the police surrounded the place.
The fellow thought he was a lunatic at large and made an unsuccessful attempt to shut him into the taproom.
Yet another view explained the entire matter by regarding the stranger as a harmless lunatic.
It was occupied, but only by a poor lunatic gentleman, and the people who took care of him.
He also frequently acts as if free trade were somehow responsible for developing world poverty, which is lunatic.
Our president isn't the only one who has had a totally lunatic pastor.
It is atrocious, what this lunatic is doing to his own people.
It was a hideous sound that would have been familiar in the lunatic asylums of bygone centuries.
And of course it's pointless to try and read too much into a lunatic's politics, anyway.
Of course, talk of repealing laws of nature is the sort of thing that only people on the lunatic fringes of politics indulge in.
On the contrary: it is progressing at a lunatic pace.
Obviously, none of these firms is in the lunatic fringe, so it is not the case that some applications should be ignored.
Paying professors who do not want to teach to teach badly is lunatic.
You're probable a buyer of every book that attempts to redeem that drunken lunatic.

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