lunar eclipse in a sentence

Example sentences for lunar eclipse

In the end, a giant tidal wave wipes away the coastal village but delivers our heroes to a mountaintop to observe a lunar eclipse.
But the presence of dust as such doesn't explain, why cold retroreflectors during lunar eclipse are working well.
Short story about a lunar eclipse and the return of civilization.
Today's total lunar eclipse in your sign might temporarily unsettle close relationships.
Now, any kind of balk is as improbable as a lunar eclipse.
One happily envisions the sphere glowing after dark with the magical luminescence of a lunar eclipse.
Here you can experience the constellations, a solar and lunar eclipse, and simulated space travel.
In fact, a whole hemisphere can usually see a lunar eclipse happening.
Enjoyed ideal conditions for the lunar eclipse, as well.
Incredible once-in-many-lifetimes lunar eclipse photo.
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