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And people watched around the world, drawing comparisons between the first lunar landing and the mining rescue.
But lunar science, and lots of it, is what they are going to get.
Lunar eclipses are much more common than solar eclipses, and many more people can see them at the same time.
Mysterious lunar flashes match up geographically with puffs of radon gas.
He creates art using moon dust, moon boots and other lunar artifacts.
Peppered around lava flats and mountaintops all over the moon are strange sinuous shapes known as lunar swirls.
They are drafting routes for manned expeditions across wide stretches of the lunar landscape.
Others depict cult cartoon characters, or eerie lunar landscapes.
The next astronauts to land on the moon will be driving an all-new lunar rover.
Moon rocks were placed in an aluminum storage box that was vacuum sealed on the lunar surface.
In the end, a giant tidal wave wipes away the coastal village but delivers our heroes to a mountaintop to observe a lunar eclipse.
Lunar materials will enable the next level of power to be used for its own sake.
But as the craters age, weathering of iron makes the lunar features look darker.
The new lunar lander will accommodate four crew members.
In an artist's conception, astronauts enter a preliminary lunar base.
The mission goes from one of lunar exploration to one of survival.
Now imagine a moon apple: a hollow sphere of lunar light.
The noise, the lack of detail in the upper part, bottom part of the lunar module.
He discovered broad plains, high mountains, and enormous craters on the lunar surface.
They will also enter lunar orbit, a position from which landers can repeatedly visit the moon's surface.
Half a century on, he is still waiting for his lunar excursion.
It will give them new mobility and flexibility on the lunar surface while still protecting them from its harsh environment.
Already, constellation outlines have been added, as well as guides to backyard stargazing and an animation of lunar positions.
Lunar exploration equipment and habitats were also being developed.
It fluctuates a bit from year to year, and it's gradually slowing down thanks to the braking effects of lunar tides.
It notes solar and lunar cycles and a million other things.
For example, the location of various lunar lander platforms is supposedly known.
The challenge goes beyond merely reaching the lunar surface.
But, on the lunar surface where the only breeze is the solar wind, there is an eerie permanence.
Cruise along that border between lunar night and day with any sized telescope and you get to see some amazing things.
Last week's lunar eclipse was the longest and deepest total lunar eclipse seen in more than a decade.
That's because the lunar month-the time it takes the moon to cycle through its phases-corresponds closely to the calendar month.
The orbiting telescope captured the lunar transit as the craft was taking pictures of the star in extreme ultraviolet light.
These lunar-ranging experiments turn out to be an important constraint on alternative theories of gravity.
Engine failure could have left them stranded on the lunar surface or forever lost in space.
If it had failed to burn, they would have been stranded forever in lunar orbit.

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