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His descent into madness is rapid but not sudden, and his lunacy seems inevitable.
The first is excellent on the cosmology and physics interface and the second is great at debunking pseudoscience lunacy de jour.
Extending into the private sector a policy that has been a disaster in the public sector is lunacy.
Our government's policies on drugs are sheer lunacy.
In fieldwork, strangers thrown together often find common ground in bouts of functional lunacy.
The idea that one method fits all is a bit of lunacy.
It is lunacy to submit our children and the children of our neighborhood to preventable diseases.
The quotes are not implausible, it is the interpretation that is lunacy.
All three are always there, but it is the last that pushes lunacy in the other two.
Lunacy in a family is not a particularly funny thing, nor does it seem fitting and tasteful as a matter to be treated as farce.
However, his apparent intelligence prevents the film from ever turning into inspired lunacy.
It's as if they understand my particular brand of lunacy and fanaticism.
The deadpan tone is interrupted by moments of pure lunacy.
It would seem the blogger agrees with you that the idea of taxing the rich to pay for everything is lunacy.
The climate of lunacy and lechery is not insalubrious for him.
There are indeed those who consider leaving academia to be somewhere between heresy and lunacy.
There is a more serious problem for fervent believers in the lunar lunacy effect: no evidence that it exists.
My original calculations underestimated the abject lunacy and depravity of the eco-movement goals.
For example, claiming that a steam engine produces less condensate when the boiler is hotter is real lunacy.
Much smarter people, who are actually good at this kind of conceptualizing, have already pronounced this as the height of lunacy.
It is a deeply prejudiced view so far from reality so as to render it as nothing more than fringe lunacy.
It was a grandiose sensation, even a mild form of lunacy.
These things snowball into a kind of circular lunacy.
Also held statutory jurisdiction over divorce cases and delegated jurisdiction over lunacy proceedings.

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