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Example sentences for lumpy

My narrow, lumpy bed is industriously changed every day.
Never though that it should have become lumpy because of the evolution of galaxies.
It is lumpy: you can offload parts of your share portfolio, but you cannot sell off the kitchen.
Both industries are constrained by capacity: fishing by quotas and metals by lumpy investments in smelters and power plants.
But users may prefer to pay lumpy subscription fees rather than a small charge for every morsel of information they access.
The economic geography of the world is lumpy, and talent likes to clump together into centres of innovation.
Renewables are less risky, both physically and financially as they are less lumpy than reactors.
Likewise, the haddock tart was at once runny and lumpy-thin chowder spilled over a pastry shell.
He was lumpy and disheveled, his eyes rheumy, the lids bloated.
The universe started off smooth, and then it began to get lumpy.
Plus, the material is lumpy and irregular, more indicative of a cosmic collision in progress.
If the real universe is more lumpy or inhomogeneous than this, the inference of acceleration need not hold.
He grew used to sleeping on his cell's metal bed frame, which he found more comfortable without the lumpy mattress.
Any sentient viewer will be able to predict every lumpy twist of this ludicrous, fitfully enjoyable movie.
The lumpy nature of the merger business means it sometimes helps to have plenty of cash to see them through the troughs.
Lumpy jaw may interfere with the animal's ability to eat.
When the density flow comes to rest, its sandy bed presses down into underlying shales unevenly, producing a lumpy bottom.
For example, your breasts may feel more lumpy or tender at different times in your menstrual cycle.

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