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If any of the cells happen to be cancerous, the luminous molecules will stick to them.
Scientists refer to these phenomena as transient luminous events.
Tipped with a lure of luminous flesh this built-in rod baits prey close enough to be snatched.
But in fact planetary nebulae have nothing to do with planets-they are luminous clouds thrown off by dying stars.
Her openness about her struggles makes her every appearance on screen both grueling and luminous.
Probably more important is the sample mentioned here of the luminous and vivid explanation that makes the book such a success.
Historical details about their work on radioactivity are set among dreamy illustrations on luminous pages.
Every day of your life is a luminous moment and every sunshine, when the light fades away, is a magical quietness.
Brad stepped outside in the storm's lull, in the strangely luminous air, to see if he could spot any branches fallen on his lines.
Beings that were barely human manufactured and bought and sold things, and cities covered the continents with luminous color.
But when he woke to another luminous morning his confidence returned.
Writers shape words into luminous sentences and the sentences into exquisitely crafted paragraphs.
The luminous eyes stop scanning the faces around him to concentrate on the screen linked to his speech synthesizer.
They favor a broader planet definition that includes any non-self-luminous spheroidal body orbiting a star.
In long-spanned, calmly lyrical phrases her luminous and true tone soared over the rustic, heavy-textured orchestra.
Mostly this early painting feels gentle, luminous and buoyant.
Measurement of total luminous flux is made with an integrating sphere.

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