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The print-bound critics are lumbering dinosaurs grousing about their own extinction.
Lumbering street sweeping vehicles were on standby to get things back to order once the ceremonies wrapped up.
Deep pits separated visitors from the lumbering dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts.
Lumbering across the valley was a big dark shape that could only be a bear.
Companies that eschew extrinsic rewards risk lumbering themselves with sluggish dullards.
The problem is not that the rhinos are half-blind, lumbering, and often infertile-which they are.
It has avoided the fate of many other companies as they grow: becoming a lumbering and bloated giant.
His movements are sullen and lumbering, his face numbed by corpulence, his natural resting expression a look of confusion.
Drainage, dredge and fill, and lumbering have destroyed and altered habitats.
Lumbering, settlement, and port development all impacted the nearshore fisheries.
Bellaire's initial development was spurred by lumbering, which was in decline by the late nineteenth century.
Lumbering drastically altered the appearance of the landscape.
Roads were carved and graded for lumbering operations.
It marked the beginning of significant growth in the farming, lumbering, and business sectors of the community.
The lumbering industry eventually declined with the reduction of its supply.

Famous quotes containing the word lumbering

If the heart has its reasons, perhaps the body Has its own lumbering sort of carnal spirit, Felt in the tin... more
Adrift dissolving, bound for death; Though lumpish thou, a lumbering one— A lumbering lubbar... more
Those lumbering horses in the steady plough, On the bare field—I wonder why, just now, They seemed terrib... more
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