ludicrously in a sentence

Example sentences for ludicrously

The argument that the average cost of capital is ludicrously low is also no longer true.
In the past only space-based telescopes could manage this trick-and they are ludicrously expensive.
Unfortunately, his authority was undermined from the start with a ludicrously short term for his government.
Most ideas that are successful are ludicrously simple.
It's amazing to me that anyone with a functioning brain cell takes these ludicrously hypocritical buffoons seriously.
The odds were ludicrously bad, the outcome a foregone conclusion.
It is stating the ludicrously obvious to point out that a prevailing position was substantially justified.
Locally published information on political life is ludicrously limited.
Steamship captains with more marketing skill than good judgment sent many to ludicrously isolated areas.

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But in a hundred high schools and colleges, this warfare against common-sense still goes on. Four, or six, or ten years,... more
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