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Example sentences for ludicrous

And that it's ludicrous to submit academic writing samples for these kinds of jobs.
And finally consider gravity which everybody suggesting these ludicrous ideas always ignores.
The laughs come from watching characters react to ludicrous scenarios with total seriousness, as perhaps only comic actors can.
You'll look mildly ludicrous holding this giant smartphone up to your ear, but voice performance is decent.
He can take ludicrous things seriously enough to make them fly, but he can also laugh at himself.
It's ludicrous to think that these people shouldn't be known, too.
Where his statements can be checked, they often prove merely ludicrous.
Short term studies on supplements that need decades to show changes is ludicrous.
Such comparisons are ludicrous, but unfortunately effective.
The talk of floods, drought, etc are rather ludicrous.
Your opinions, in addition to being ludicrous, are inappropriate here.
That's a ludicrous and dangerous over-simplification.
The conclusion reached by these authors is ludicrous in view of the preceding text.
There is so much evidence in support evolution by natural selection that to deny it is simply ludicrous.
Of course, you'd also be slewing the telescope and ludicrous and destructive speeds.
Great video about the ludicrous nature of booth babes at tech shows.
The absurdities of the film highlight the more ludicrous overtones of the immigration debate.
But this crisis casting is not as ludicrous as it sounds.
Many employers think the law is ludicrous and fought to stop it.
The problem of hospital acquired infection is quite bad enough without inflating it to ludicrous proportions.
Ministers have waged war in public and have floated ideas that, in some cases, are downright ludicrous.
Without historical perspective and knowledge every crackpot can pick and choose facts that back their ludicrous theories.
Such theories may be dismissed as ludicrous, but they are widely believed.
What seems especially ludicrous is that our reaction to violent events depends on who perpetrated it.
Holden is bewildered, lonely, ludicrous and pitiful.
The confrontations between our heroine and her monks and the glaring villains are, of course, ludicrous and impossible.
Textbook figures, while fictional, are ludicrous in that they fail to carry conviction as characters.
Second, it further entrenches the ludicrous beltway concept of discretionary vs nondiscretionary spending.
Allowing sales professionals, often referred to as real estate agents, to perform valuations is ludicrous.
The three suggested circle rides are ludicrous and dangerous.
Maintaining some quality of life for persons with dementia no longer strikes us as a ludicrous concept.

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