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The twist to this story is that, in a town ruled by lucre, this one wasn't about the money.
On the other hand, purists wail: another tradition lost to filthy lucre.
Lucre lies firstly in the proper timing of the prediction--not in its rightness.
Let's see where the gambling lucre goes after the city casino's huge start-up costs.
Saying no to any proposals that would bring in lucre in this day and age requires moral leadership.
But what's good for them isn't necessarily good for you, no matter how much filthy lucre they throw your way.
Few political families are eager to step away from the power and lucre of office.
It is the act of an intellectual, of someone who believes that ideas matter more than lucre.
All of you, please take your filthy lucre and go somewhere else so that the rest of us can enjoy our lives again.
It could also impede the tech giants' direct path to online advertising lucre.
Sir, it is not meet that our old flag should throw its protecting folds over expeditions for lucre or for land.
But there is a calling that is yet above high office, fame, lucre and security.
He is still dazzled by lucre, but also determined to give warning of the dangers of excessive leverage.
Taken together, these statutes offer substantial lucre to anyone who weds.
Here are some projects designed to help you cash in on the lure of lucre.
He pushes a pencil, not for lucre, but simply because he can't help himself.

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