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More had gradually built up for himself an extensive and lucrative private practice, when he was drawn into the king's service.
These benefices were governments, lucrative dignities, or estates conferred only for the life of the grantee.
The artists have adapted to a lucrative form of communication and raised their level in society to innovators and leaders.
War halted the tourist trade and drastically cut industrial output, including a lucrative ship-building business.
The newly proposed laws aim to rid the country's lucrative wildlife industry of unethical hunting and breeding practices.
The mining boom has created plenty of lucrative jobs in the area.
Many impoverished villagers take on lucrative work for poaching gangs.
Once seen mainly as scientific curiosities, fossils were now potentially lucrative commodities.
The island's lowland forests are being cut down for timber and to make way for lucrative plantations such as oil palm.
He said higher yields would allow farmers to devote some of their land to other lucrative crops.
Logging is lucrative, and the farmers want to use the land to raise crops.
With rewards for elite athletes so lucrative, it's unlikely a change in tactics will come anytime soon.
Consequently, the level of illegal fishing continues to rise as pirates seek the cash that comes with such a lucrative catch.
Fishing boats chase tuna for their lucrative flesh, but also catch sharks as a result of their efforts.
To supplement their income, the immigrants fan out into the forest to hunt wild animals to supply the lucrative bush-meat trade.
The selling season is short, intense, and sometimes lucrative.
The new business proved more lucrative than sneaking cyanide to the coral reefs.
Several readers questioned the true impetus behind the lucrative business of brain improvement.
The patents on the first lucrative products of biotechnology are at last approaching their expiration dates.
It can be lucrative for a few growers but would be easy to overproduce the demand.
The temptation to gain lucrative insider knowledge of corporate planning and intellectual property is a large one.
And it's also worth noting how lucrative the federal credit is for homeowners who install solar panels.
There need to be a way to cut the expense of designing useful drugs but still keep it a financially lucrative endeavor.
These results have potentially lucrative implications for marketing strategy.
Indeed, the field of permissions may be much more lucrative for publishers, and inexpensive for users.
Besides, that makes it such lucrative field of research for publications.
Selfish ones would surely have chosen a more lucrative line of work.
The quest was for a new, and therefore newly lucrative, product to sell.
But it wasn't until recently that, owing to advances in drilling technology, extracting the gas became a lucrative proposition.
When anyone pressed him about his investment methods, he hinted that he couldn't reveal his lucrative strategies.
Stealing was easier than working and more lucrative.
They noticed how lucrative the popcorn business was and installed machines of their own inside.
Chefs and restaurateurs only qualified if they also established a clear-and, yes, lucrative-brand.
It's been buoyed by lucrative and super-secret military contracts.
One of the biggest problems facing tigers is continual poaching, due to a lucrative industry in tiger parts.
What it means is that another necessary step has been taken in allowing private companies to compete for the lucrative contracts.
Other companies are also eyeing the potentially lucrative market of helping the weak and old get around.
Contracts that corporations will bid on, once they have the capability, and government contracts are always lucrative.
But that's not to say that a well-done, well-marketed series revival can't be lucrative.
They also benefit from the super-lucrative mortgage interest deduction.
For almost everyone, lucrative contracts with big food companies encourage the use of fat-laden, salty processed ingredients.
Slate thinks other acts should take lessons from the group's grueling-and lucrative-touring schedule.
They have lucrative arrangements in places to hunt each autumn.
It is true that selling pharmaceuticals can be a highly lucrative job.
Such monopolies, always valuable, are increasingly lucrative.
Herndon was in desperate financial straits and could not afford to have this lucrative transaction fall through.
Former soldiers are finding lucrative jobs fighting other people's wars.
Who ultimately benefits by how much from the lucrative deals is not clear from public records.
Another business model that has proved lucrative involves charging users for premium services.
Increased use of prenuptial agreements sounds as though it means yet more lucrative work for lawyers.
The shift away from recorded music is due in part to the recognition that touring and merchandise are more lucrative.
If it bought lots of ethanol from its neighbours, it would be providing them with a lucrative export of their own.
Canny traders have found a lucrative new strategy: sell a firm's stock short and then spread rumours about its accounts.
They are also more likely to win lucrative government contracts.
There is a small but lucrative exception to this rule.
It is a lucrative business, unlikely to stop for long.
Some think it will still be too easy and potentially lucrative to bring lawsuits for patent infringement.
It was the crown commodity in the lucrative feather trade.
The company blamed lower commission margins, higher expenses and fewer lucrative single-owner sales.
There are all sorts of ways that encouraging socially ostracized behaviors can be lucrative for a local economy, after all.
Perhaps the current trend of many chess professionals taking up the more lucrative pastime of poker is not a wholly negative one.
It will take a sharp break from an extremely lucrative pattern of behavior.
Being a judge in an area full of mining rights disputes is particularly lucrative.
But the fishermen soon realized that the fishing fine was more lucrative than the fish.
But he did not sleep with his patients, nor found a lucrative ashram.
Recently, though, the team found that using its technology for market research is more lucrative.
They are likely to look, and find, problems that the treatments for are ore lucrative.
To drive sales of ready-to-wear and lucrative perfumes, the media were encouraged to storm the barricades.
Today, she is weighing several lucrative job offers from management-consulting companies.
Career-oriented education isn't right for everyone, whether or not it leads to lucrative employment.
Adjunct teaching can be a pretty fun job, although not particularly easy or lucrative.
And their curiosity doesn't need to begin with what seems a fashionably lucrative agenda of the moment.
Thus, dog-fighter gets out of prison and goes back to lucrative football position.
First, he describes transient, economically struggling people who travel from place to place in search of lucrative trials.
And apparently it can be more lucrative than stealing gold.
While this move was politically motivated, the island's natural attributes made the farm a lucrative concern.
Increased fuel prices make gasoline fraud a more lucrative proposition for the unscrupulous gasoline marketer.
It's especially troubling that some credit card companies have entered into lucrative arrangements with colleges themselves.
There are published materials for sale which boast of lucrative jobs in canneries and on fishing boats.
US suppliers willing to seek out these atypical opportunities are sure to find lucrative rewards.
The killing of the lucrative tabloid was intended to bury the scandal that threatened this extraordinary power base.

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