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Consider yourself lucky if they reimburse you for your interview expenses at all.
They will be lucky now to see tourism projects of any kind.
There are times, when one is lucky enough to meet an individual who will forever impact your life.
Lucky people expect good things to happen, and when they do they embrace them.
Recipe alert for those gardeners lucky enough to be able to grow rhubarb.
If your town has a lending library for tools, consider yourself lucky.
However, as you can imagine, one full year is a rather lucky working hypothesis.
Read the full itinerary, and find out what ten lucky runners-up will receive.
If you're lucky enough to have leftover crab, there's no better use for it than this.
The turnaround from submitting an article to its publication can be a year or two, if you are lucky.
You're lucky that wood smoke isn't a trigger for you.
But even those patients lucky enough to receive a donor organ in time, and survive the transplant surgery, face more misery still.
Impressed at first sight the lucky shot turns into a pretty good picture editing.
We were incredibly lucky to be able to harvest all of our winter crops at the same time.
Simply leave a comment and we'll pick two lucky winners.
But the aquarium's brand-new floors weren't so lucky.
It's not an offer, merely an invitation to apply for a fairly specialized post, which they will be lucky to fill.
Others after whom asteroids are named may not be so lucky.
With dozens of bullet and shrapnel wounds, he knew he was lucky to have survived.
For a few lucky researchers, these dreams become hypotheses.
They were lucky to have known their grandparents into adulthood.
Lucky winter visitors can see the valley and rock formations dusted in snow, an incredible sight.
Quentin's life was spared that day, but many others are not so lucky.
Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to travel to this lovely area.
They are also lucky that they don't have to travel too far to go skiing or snowboarding.
With or without psychosis, you and your perfectly normal friends are lucky to be high functioning and able to hold a jobs.
Someone is getting lucky but likely not a married bloke.
There are so many levels to this simple true story, that if you see them all, then you are one of the lucky one's.
Your ancestors were lucky to get enough to eat and they were lucky if they were fat enough to have babies and survive famines.
To probe deeper, they have to either get creative-or lucky.
Road-trippers today don't expect much more from a rest stop than a stale vending machine and, if they're lucky, a clean bathroom.
Lucky for me, food vendors were whipping up tasty mushroom treats for me to try using only the good ones.
And they were tired out, and how lucky it was they had found a place to camp and company.
As for the lucky one, his triumph is only temporary.
It is lucky even to look at me, but it is much more lucky to give me a penny.
It was lucky that the big dogs in our neighborhood were patient.
He wasn't no good that feller and you were lucky for to lose him.
Thus their life is commodious rather than gallant, and may better be called happy or lucky, than notable or famous.
Lucky, reflects the reader, since horses are not good at affixing breechings.
She was as lucky and prosperous there as in the merchant service.
In areas lucky enough to have a little green, armed herders are violently competing for dwindling resources.
We live in the lucky time, when the voice lives after the singer has died.
His unusual background, plus some lucky timing, have helped him get there.
He/she has no idea what it is to be wild and is ready to be a companion to a lucky owner.
The other boats cue that a select number of other lucky visitors are on shore enjoying this magic place with us.
In my opinion, the gardener is lucky to be mentioned at all.
Long was lucky she got to borrow her costume, the only one the museum owns.
We are so lucky to have people still willing to go into science.
We seem to live in an era of happy go lucky labeling.
It's a combination of good care and being in the lucky few percent that have a slow-progressing form of the disease.
Apparently complex organs such as eyes, hands or brains evolve magically by chance and the lucky species works out how to use it.
If you are lucky enough to live among neighbors without university affiliations, you have the option of telling or not.
Lucky for the students, they don't have to read them.
But she has also been lucky, and has had powerful mentors along the way.
The film smuggled its politics in under the guise of two happy-go-lucky gals taking a road trip together.
And some of us are lucky enough to reflect on how much worse it could have been.
But if they aren't careful, and lucky, they'll also end up paying silly prices for mediocre wines.
My handsets are lucky to last a year without some form of major damage.
Lucky for you, there are tools out there that will keep you from becoming an empty shell of a human being.
Real vegetarian cuisine exists-and if we're lucky, it will spread.
Once ashore, some lucky beachcomber finds the sea nugget-lucky, because ambergris costs a small fortune.
The lucky escape the cold for beachier pastures, while the rest of us suffer through.
If you're lucky, you capture a few of those readers as loyalists who come back time and again.
And if we're lucky, it happens again when we're old.
Rous had been lucky: his chickens became sick only two weeks after infection.
For all but a pampered and lucky few life really is nasty, brutish, and short.
Publishers are lucky in one way: the reckoning could have come much sooner.
Not the happy go lucky little fella he is meant to be.
He was shrew opportunist who were lucky and were able to monetize other people's inventions.
If you are lucky, something will pop up that begins to qualify on both counts.
He was neither shrewd nor lucky in the development of his literary career.
The lucky ones will have been pulverized in the icy ruins of the ravaged but fiercely defended city.
Lucky individuals in each generation find technology appropriate to their needs.
The third will be extremely lucky to have a glimpse.
For those of us lucky enough to eavesdrop, it's instructive as well-part caveat emptor, part intellectual high bar.
At first she seems winning and lucky enough in her background to be invulnerable.
So a presidential candidate is lucky to have fifteen seconds of unedited speech on the nightly news at the height of a campaign.
Sometimes a writer and his publisher get lucky, too.
He would sit out lucky streaks by opponents by relying on the belief that over time his brainy, measured tactics would prevail.
There was something about it that made him feel lucky, or privileged.
Sportsmen wear lucky clothes that they refuse to wash during tournaments.
If you live north, you might be lucky and see some auroras tonight from the flare.
If you are really lucky, then you may have a great new idea about particle physics.
He had confronted an unknown genetic legacy and a self-destructive drug habit, and he was lucky to be alive.
The thieves were probably lucky to have escaped burial themselves.
Lucky they are that he did not die or have bad permanent disability.
Take lucky, especially when you get to these single-elimination playoffs.

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