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Example sentences for lucidity

Often while thinking that they understand economic reality with total lucidity.
He's at his scariest when he's having a fit of relative lucidity.
But he paints them so attentively and with such a lovingly sensuous touch that the images have a breathtaking lucidity.
We went to sleep, and her lucidity wasn't around the next morning.
Instead, he opted for clean, continent performances of refreshing lucidity.
Cata favors sleek dancers capable of moving with speed and lucidity.
Yes, if the refined lucidity of his prose is a measure.
Almost all of them are desperate, although some show signs of lucidity despite their condition.
Demise, after a short period of lucidity, can proceed rapidly due to intracranial bleeding.
Critical essays that thus add vigor to lucidity arouse and delight our minds.
His paintings are the product of his moments of lucidity, his efforts to stay in touch with reality.
The camera is an eye that looks at you with lucidity.
The virtue of his portraits is in their immediacy and lucidity.
Periods of lucidity alternated with hallucinations and disorientation, and he exhibited facial grimaces and fasciculations.
The contrived joining of these two subjects contribute neither to lucidity nor to unity.
Nevertheless, such attempts may not result in a return to lucidity because the patient's illness is too severe.

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