lubrication in a sentence

Example sentences for lubrication

Geothermal power can also come from hot water pumped out of the rocks, but this removes the faults' lubrication.
Lifetime silicone lubrication protects against head wear.
Also the blamed water would seem to provide a slight lubrication and lessen whatever friction was between these surfaces.
Since reform tends to require lubrication, opening up the public services at a time of austerity was always likely to be tough.
In particular is has unparallelled lubrication properties.
The system needs a huge volume of dollars for lubrication.
Gravity driven, triggered by increasing lubrication that overwhelms angle-of-repose stability.
Because the torn cartilage has to be removed, the joints are without their full quota of cushioning and lubrication.
The turbine needs no lubrication, reducing its maintenance costs.
One is thick-film lubrication and the other is thin-film lubrication.
But an extra half-trillion dollars can buy an awful lot of lubrication.
Tears are necessary for the normal lubrication of the eye and to wash away particles and foreign bodies.
Lubrication of the gears and bearings shall be automatic when the unit is in operation.
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