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Example sentences for lubricate

So, large community meals might have served to lubricate social connections and alleviate tensions.
Rainfall or water infiltration can lubricate old fractures and reactivate long-dormant faults.
These muscles compress the sac, and express the secretion it contains upon the vocal folds to lubricate their surfaces.
Here, no doubt, is the rub-and it is a rub which it seems to the present writer impossible to remove or lubricate.
Blinking helps lubricate the surface of the eye with tears, washing away dust and other irritants.
Sure, getting a bit tipsy obviously helps lubricate conversations between nervous strangers.
With no pistons going up and down, there's less to lubricate.
Successful currencies are used to transact day-to-day business and lubricate commerce.
Other service people say there is no need to lubricate the joints because they are lubricated for life.
And by adding a few natural ingredients, you can use it to lubricate the engine of your car or lawn mower.
No, not the stuff in your brother's hair, but the stuff used to lubricate your car.
The research focused on a type of cell called a synovial fibroblast, which helps to lubricate the lining of our joints.
Any suspension of soot in oil or solvent will lubricate quite well, long term performance is another matter.
Add a plasticizer, which acts to lubricate the molecules, and the foam gets spongier and softer.
Often a warm mineral oil enema is used to soften and lubricate the stool.
Then close the door and repeat the process to clean and lubricate the remaining portion of the track.
Lubricate them regularly and replace them if they are worn or cracked.
Next, lubricate the blower bearings with a few drops of lightweight machine oil.
Fixing it would both provide an immediate economic boost and help to lubricate growth in the long term.
His currency reform, which consisted of issuing lower-denomination money, did not go far enough to lubricate trade.
They were meant to lubricate reform, but without any clear vision of what reforms are needed, the opportunity is being squandered.
These packings were used to lubricate the axles with oil which reduced derailments caused by seized axles and bearings.
The oil flinger, as its name suggests, flings oil to lubricate the inside of the machine.
Recruits learn how to properly lubricate their weapons to minimize any chance of malfunctions.
Lubricate pipe and gasket with soap and water or gasket lubricating solution.
Lubricate machinery in the boiler, chiller, pump and mechanical equipment rooms according to schedule.
Transmission fluid, used to lubricate automobile transmissions, is mainly composed of mineral oil.
Garden hose provides sea water to lubricate drill bit and remove rock cuttings.
Employees were instructed not to open the gate to lubricate the machine while it was in operation.
Clean chain frequently and lubricate with light oil once a year.
Check evaporator and condenser fan and motor, clean and lubricate as required.
Lubricate as required, and hand exercise all mechanical.
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