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The lowering sun made him appear as if clothed in light.
To help stem this lethal tide, cardiologists can prescribe such cholesterol-lowering drugs as statins to help keep arteries clear.
Their long ears help them cool off by lowering the temperature of the blood that circulates through them.
It pumps water out of tiny bladders, lowering the pressure inside.
The report opposes lowering standards, but basically says let's get the non-academic hurdles out of the way of academic success.
Before lowering your lance for a charge, take into account the following.
He has a taste for lowering gray skies and dark roads barely penetrated by sparse headlights.
It floats around the world, blocking sunlight and lowering temperatures in some regions, and causing rain and warming in others.
But climate change has increased temperatures in the coastal environment, albeit lowering them in the inland environment.
It's a gas solution and it's lowering it's pressure in response to an increase in energy.
When the pressure created by the compressor is released, the liquid evaporates, absorbing heat and lowering the temperature.
At the core, all hypnosis, meditation and prayer are is a lowering of brain wave frequency.
The changed standards might be seen as lowering of living standards, but would be better for the planet.
It leads eventually to lowering prices for goods and houses but not for services.
Doctors have long prescribed lipid-lowering drugs called statins to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.
And every penny should go towards lowering taxes for companies that choose to stay here and hire here.
Higher transactions taxes increase the cost of capital, ultimately lowering investment.
The battery drives the car at low speeds for short distances and boosts acceleration, lowering demand on the engine.
Many don't make it, lowering the efficiency of these cells.
Picture the rack moving the car out of the rest, then lowering it enough for the car to unfold.
The time had come to try a statin, one of the miraculously effective cholesterol-lowering drugs.
The sheep responded by coming to him, clustering around, and lowering their heads.
Humans can alter their vocal tone by raising and lowering the larynx.
Manufacturers have begun to make some safety changes, such as lowering bumpers by a couple of inches.
But he knew that if you let that get into your mind and your soul you were lowering yourself to the level of those who you oppose.
Hypothermia refers to a lowering of the body's temperature to the point that the body's functions begin to slow down.
They talked about cancer rates in their respective countries and what barriers there are to lowering those rates.
Smart meters are seen as key to lowering energy costs and improving energy management.
The manual's sixth gear is essentially overdrive, lowering engine revs to boost freeway fuel economy.
But the lowering of tax brackets and widening of income levels that fall into those brackets have changed all that.
The park requests that climbers rappel from the anchors instead of lowering, if possible.
But in all the to-and-fro over raising the debt ceiling, little sensible has been said about lowering spending in the long term.
Others are lowering the risk of proliferation from reactors.
Only by lowering rates almost to zero have the authorities managed to stabilise matters again.
He guessed that lowering the intensity might allow nerve cells to be manipulated without damage.
By implication, coercive controls had little to do with lowering fertility, which would have happened anyway.
Success in fostering economic links and lowering political and military tensions will be a main campaign platform.
The rapid lowering of the reservoir's level has also raised fears of landslides and earthquakes.
Lowering tariff walls round rich countries would increase poor farmers' exports.
Most reward people for having their vital signs tested and hitting goals such as lowering blood pressure or burning off flab.
Raising new barriers is as easy as lowering existing ones.
Whatever the likelihood of that, lowering those wage bills has so far proved impossible.
The lowering of the price range may have had more to do with greed than the auction process itself.
Lately, nuclear builders have been making big promises about lowering costs-though these have mostly been greeted with scepticism.
He will concentrate more on measures such as simplifying regulation and lowering taxes for business.
In some sectors, the lowering of trade barriers will cause unemployment to rise.
If the idea is to stimulate private sector borrowing by lowering the cost of finance it hasn't worked yet.
Unions fear part-time jobs will be axed, adding to the burden on remaining workers and lowering standards.
These properties will sit empty until sold, thus lowering the supply of available rental properties.
Then it became all about lowering the taxes, the right to own your own house, setting mortgages free.
But lowering it back down again doesn't have to be tricky either.
The key is lowering the cost of the lithium-ion battery.
Lowering the top rate had its negative consequences too, though.

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