low profile in a sentence

Example sentences for low profile

Garrison is expected to maintain a low profile during what is the highlight of the university's academic year.
The low profile tires hold less air and thus need checking and refilling more often.
With its low profile, however, this unit takes a backseat to the typical exercise bike as a practical place to drip-dry clothes.
It also ignores the basics of any perpetrator keep a low profile, and opt for the simplest technique.
Errors will be huge for such a low profile in skeleton.
Of course, in a era of high unemployment and economic distemper, keeping a low profile makes political sense.
Wolverine is a medium-sized toy manufacturer with a low profile.
All the same, since the war the rich kept a prudently low profile.
Maintaining a low profile is the best way stay off out of harm's way.
From that point on he was forced to keep a low profile.
Upright wayside exhibit bases are made of the same materials as low profile bases.
Maintain a low profile and don't try to micro-manage everyone in view.
Living up to their name, lesser pandas are about as small as large housecats and keep a low profile, foraging mainly by night.
Even so, a firm that has hitherto kept a low profile will have to get accustomed to revealing a fair amount about its activities.
Supervisors know about this but take no actions, try to keep low profile.
And it has a low profile in the fast-growing public-sector consulting business, partly because its fee structure is inflexible.
Others keep a low profile to avoid the predatory state.
The media: they'll turn on you sooner or later, so best to keep a low profile.
In the towns, it is clear that the guerrillas generally keep a low profile.
State governors were happy to tolerate-or profit from-drug-traffickers on their patch provided they kept a low profile.
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