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His new book is larded with loving descriptions of machinery found on the farm of his childhood.
Some are loving and good, while others are capricious or demanding.
Too many people are not truly capable of loving others, but opt instead to cling to someone as a quick cure for insecurity.
It was so wonderful to see the loving care these beautiful creatures are given.
H eat loving shrubs have nectar-filled tubular flowers with two lobes above the mouth, three on the lower lip.
Fabulous, funny, fearless and with a loving heart relentless in her desire to help family and friends.
Respected for the energy and commitment of loving mothers and loving fathers.
Wolves are trainable and workable and make loving companions.
Flamingo males are both loving husbands and attentive fathers.
The church across the street, friends to laugh with and a close loving community.
Unfortunately, it is a more likely scenario than the reviewers loving it so much for an immediate acceptance.
They are rather an emotional gift between a loving couple.
These cats will never be wanting for attention or a loving home.
He goes to her and she tells him she's sorry but she is not and never was capable of loving him.
They're loving the video games, the air conditioning, and the popsicles.
Loving your kids might be inefficient, but it is not bad.
The cycle of the turning year was described with loving care: blackberry-picking, turning hay, digging potatoes.
The first is the old one of how to tap the new art-loving rich.
Yet even in their newly serious roles, all three remain determinedly fun loving and flirtatious.
So older travellers are not the creatures of stereotype, but active, fun-loving sorts who know how to travel.
It's heart-rending, loving so many animals with short life expectancies, they acknowledge.
Now, your music-loving tweens can imagine dialogue between their favorite idols.
We live in a day and age where, ever so occasionally, a fun-loving student body elects a guy as its junior prom queen.
Long after their affair ended, they remained loving friends.
But gridlock and energy costs have finally driven the normally car-loving culture to reconsider its disdain for buses.
All organisms are finicky, and the sulfur-loving bacteria are no exception.
But things could change if the bacterium spreads to urban-loving rodents such as rats.
By far the majority of the staff were loving and kind and encouraged me in every way.
Scientists believe the lake could be home to cold-loving microbial life adapted to living in total darkness.
And the placid beasts still gazing with their mild eyes full of loving.
It is not even the minute, precise, loving observation of her aspects that gives him his pre-eminence.
Put differently, this approach to advocacy is not only about humans loving animals, but about animals loving us back.
They were free: free-falling, free-wheeling, and free-loving.
All fake, all permanent, all needing only a little dusting to adapt to their new and loving environment.
They are making little headway with the unconverted because they have forgotten to define the music as something worth loving.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
After a life of loving the old, by natural law the writer turned old himself.
It seemed impossible that a large, forest-loving vegetarian insect could be surviving in such a bleak environment.
From vampire bats to parasitic catfish, a new book spells out the secret lives of plasma-loving beasts.
It didn't take long for some cold water to be thrown on the astronomical community and the space-loving public.
Males are sweet nectar-loving types, peacefully sipping at nature's juice bar.
They have also begun removing overweight kids from loving homes.
Perhaps the law should require vasectomy in these cases but not try to split apart a loving couple.
In fact, it appears to be the perfect product for the plant-loving but absent-minded geek.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all cold-loving animals can simply retreat north in the face of global warming.
Most of us think of our dogs as loving, loyal pets that provide us with comfort and companionship.
The key ingredient to living and loving longer, it seems, is growing right in their gardens.
In addition, fat-loving toxins may have a direct impact on the next generation of whales through mothers' milk.
Hear the story of the large, water-loving rodent that now lives around the world because of demand for its lush fur.
But this fleece-loving city that launched the grunge music movement and a national espresso craze is no backwater.
In the cool of the night the warmth-loving crocs came to life for the hunt, floating at the water's edge.
When the garbage-loving wolves mate, their pups will be more likely to have the traits that make them comfortable around people.
Having children who turned out to be the loving, involved, and interesting people they are.
They are committed to providing first-rate, loving care with an uplifting, familial ambience.
There were competing impulses within his stern yet loving father.
He put his arms around her neck and squeezed-in a loving way.
There are warm and loving middle-aged couples who hold hands.
It is a convincing image of a loving and united couple.
Lily is spoiled, pleasure-loving, and has one of those society mothers as improvident as a tornado.
They are raised by loving parents who slather them with praise.
Should that loving attention to the body turn malevolent, you have torture.
Its territory is mostly rural and its population comprises an uneven, sparsely concentrated spread of gun-loving citizen-farmers.
Two heat-loving fungi, often found in composts that self-ignite without flame or spark, could soon have new vocations.

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