louvered in a sentence

Example sentences for louvered

The teacher having granted permission, they enter a generous high-ceilinged room with louvered windows and hardwood floors.
Louvered windows, open-air shower, verandas with rope hammocks for two.
Each cottage is complete with mosquito netting, louvered windows, and ceiling fans.
So have the half-open window shades and gray-and-blue louvered shutters.
Window awnings, louvered patio covers, or lattice-type panels can be considered as alternatives for existing homes.
One way to eliminate this problem is to make the overhang louvered to permit rising heat to escape.
Louvered metal panels also occur on the east fa├žade to admit fresh air independently from the windows.
Louvered vents are located immediately below the windows and also at the first floor.
The low-pitched roof featured a vertical louvered vent filling the gable end.
In the center of the pediment is a semi-elliptical louvered vent.
The gable ends feature boxed cornices with returns and central, paired, louvered windows with plain surrounds.
The house has a low-pitched roof with vertical louvered ventilators in the gable ends.
The pump station building has a louvered opening that can be used for temporary cable access.
Transoms flank the central entrances on both levels, and louvered shutters flank the windows.
Within each end gable is a large lozenge shaped louvered vent.
The corners and columns between louvered openings are noticeably out of plumb in various locations.
Louvered vents are located in the upper stage of the tower.
Shutters are paneled on the first floor and louvered on the second.
Erects alternate panel, basket weave and louvered fences.
Gable ends of the house are characterized by boxed eaves, louvered vents, and gable returns.
The north and south sidewalls of the building feature two-story high, round-headed windows with exterior louvered blinds.
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