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If he has a few upholstered benches in his place he usually calls it a lounge.
Twitter is quickly becoming a global faculty lounge.
Imagine you are almost dozing in a lounge chair outside, with a magazine on your lap.
Stretch out on a lawn chaise lounge or a sleeping bag for a good peripheral view of the sky.
She heard the music and was suddenly transported back to her childhood lounge room.
Better yet, go to a lounge in a high poverty, high minority school.
Your correspondent has finally given in to family pressure to create a dedicated media lounge.
Maidens and warriors lounge among the carved porticos.
Given a choice of surgeons, you might actually want the one sitting in the hospital lounge playing video games.
Oh, and by the way, that's my blue coffee mug next to the microwave in the lounge.
We then congregate in a candlelit lounge to swap stories for shots of sake before retiring to the plush futons in our bedrooms.
We spoke in a lounge of the ultramodern conference center as speakers and guests milled around us.
We used it as a platform for a lounge area off an outdoor kitchen.
Famous lobby lounge with capsule seats, and bar and river views, is a popular party destination for the in-crowd.
She then escorted us directly to the transfer counter and on to the departure lounge.
Chickens and children can now lounge underneath the arbor, free from fears of another collapse.
Really they should quote departure lounge to arrivals gate time.
The best way is a gin and tonic in the lounge and a couple on the flight.
He takes me to a lounge area in a hallway above a library.
They bask in the sun to heat up and lounge in the shade to cool down.
Had the lights off in the lounge room as the sunset today.
The music is cranked, and squeals of delight reverberate-you might as well be at some über-cool underground lounge.
Lisa waves away this suggestion as preposterous, and opens the door to the lounge.
Can someone give me some advice on how to start a drinking lounge---This post was edited to remove a commercial link.
And in some cities, a hotel reservation will get you airport lounge access.
The private beach is lined with hammocks, beach lounge chairs and tiki huts.

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