loudspeaker in a sentence

Example sentences for loudspeaker

The new version will also have a microphone and a loudspeaker.
The video below, which shows a thin-film loudspeaker playing dance music while mounted on a waving flag, is pretty amazing.
Think of a bus station loudspeaker system, no one can understand what is broadcast when first exposed.
Consequently, the alarm did not sound during the emergency, leaving workers to relay information through the loudspeaker system.
If a loudspeaker system is desired, the required equipment can usually be rented from electronics or instrumentation dealers.
Authority has lost control of the microphone and the loudspeaker.
The amplifiers are used to provide power to a loudspeaker in a home audio playback system.
Listen for your case to be called over the loudspeaker.
Use a megaphone, loudspeaker or other sound amplifying device.
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