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Wearing rotting lotus behind our ears, musk between our thighs.
Well my cactus don't look good with my lotus either.
There are papyrus leaves also, and mixed in with the lotus and those represent knowledge and rebirth.
Fortunately, the lotus-shaped marble carving on the central floor still remains.
Revelers eat traditional moon cakes filled with lotus seed and salted egg yolk, or one of many newer varieties.
Scientists have long praised the lotus leaf, better known as the water lily, for its water-resistant and self-cleaning properties.
The hall was dim and overflowed with hundreds of people folded in various lotus poses on rows of straw mats.
Soon afterward, a new lotus-shaped shrine was built with the herders' guns cemented inside.
Other levels involve flying though giant lotus flowers, or blowing up comets with swipes of cosmic energy.
He took a seat on a chair in the middle of the stage and tucked his legs up under him in the lotus position.
Its centerpiece is a narrow pool of water punctuated by lotus-shaped fountains.
Lotus has traditionally aimed its spreadsheet, graphic and database programs at businesses.
Private gardens, a lotus pond and private swimming pools are available as well.
Gunplay is intercut with closeups of bangled feet and floating lotus blooms, subtly indicating that it takes all sorts.
He removed his shoes and sat down on a couch, folding his legs beneath him, lotus style.
Look again at the wallowing happy people, lotus-eating in squalor.
The surface of the lotus leaf is another natural structure that excels at repelling water.
And wine from long-necked vessels decorated with blue lotus petals.

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