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It's bright and colorful from the greens and the tomatoes, with lots of great sauce to dip your bread in.
They definitely took great care to give the bunnies lots of personality.
The leaves are gray-green on top and a felt-textured white underneath, and they're rolled up at the edges to expose lots of it.
Which means you don't deadhead them and end up with lots of volunteers.
Everyone knows what a ragged-edged appearance is produced by a company of recruits whose uniforms are odd lots.
You'll get lots o' time for that the next three years you're out on the sea.
She thought it would do him lots of good to get married.
Lots of earthquakes in the last months show us that in near future there will be the next eruptions.
Cod do find lots to eat, swimming with their huge mouths open, ingesting whatever goes in.
In restaurants, you get in the habit of being sure you taste everything lots.
There's also lots of people who're trying to do something about it.
He's telling lots of stories at once, and in no particular order.
Then again, if lots of families did switch to a plan on the exchange, the impact would be quite different.
They emerged with tantalizing clues, a scientific first, and lots of unanswered questions.
And lots of animals, from coyotes to common pigeons, mate for life.
Medics say the reason they don't suffer from malnutrition is that there must be lots of micronutrients in their animals' milk.
Lots of city buses and trains will mean fewer people driving around in cars and taxis that cause pollution.
There are lots of ways that being exploited can add up to learning a lot about outdoor photography.
Forests are home to lots of wildlife, as well as plants that people use for food and medicine.
Research shows that lots of nighttime light can harm wildlife.
It has lots of beaches, people are friendly and it's safe.
Water expands when it freezes, forming latticelike structures with lots of gaps between molecules.
It's simply the result of lots of plants and animals competing for resources in a highly productive but limited space.
Lots of people know the full moon and the crescent moon, but don't know the phases in between.
The river was narrow and shallow here with lots of broken water.
Cones detect colors, but only when there's lots of light.
Selling and marketing stuff also provides lots of jobs.
Taking on lots of debt to buy lots of stuff is not desirable or sustainable.
The firms that have survived now have more scale and lots of cash.
He observed that lots of psychological experiments have been done on the effects of status and lots on the effects of power.
There were lots of useful books on the topic, from journalists as well as academics.
Among the avalanche of new products were lots of mobile phones.
Countries with lots of oil often lacked the technology, capital and management skills to find and extract it.
Yet there are clearly lots of occasions when governments judge that the benefits of defaulting outweigh the costs.
No one doubts that there are lots of empty flats, but equally no one doubts that there is lots of demand.
Blackberrys, it is true, still have lots of enthusiastic followers.
When the game is over, lots of players are left holding small losses instead of one player holding a big one.
Everyone agrees on the destination: lots more pure equity, the highest-quality buffer against losses.
Corporations have lots of money on their balance sheets.
These would result in lots of predators being around in years when there were lots of prey.
The economy is certainly weak enough to warrant a call for lots more stimulus.
Campus life is lively and informal with lots of social activities.
Lots of studies have found that well-educated people from developing countries are particularly likely to emigrate.
Print too many books, and lots of them will be returned by stores.
All this frenetic activity has doubtless generated lots of income for middlemen in the financial sector.
They have lots of part time students who work in casinos.
It's a beautiful area with lots going for it with lots of growth now and forecast for the future.
There is something-actually, lots of things-wrong with us.
So there is a fair amount of variety in the field and there are lots of different types of jobs.
Lots of new phrases have been minted for the purpose.
In contrast, in systems that are more integrated and flexible, there are lots of options for completing your studies.
But there are lots of good profs in the system who treat their minions well.
So the project involved some thinking outside the box and lots of collaboration.
Lots and lots of poor-quality scans or typefaces that confuse the computer.
So, you do a lot for short bursts, then get lots of time completely off where you can go away.
They want something that they can see has a good chance of making lots of money.
Wherever you want to go, there are lots of opportunities to travel with small funds and lots of friends.
Teens who drink lots of soda seem to be prone to violence, new research suggests.
Parking is available in lots near the museum, in addition to metered spaces.
It has a clean, almost apothecary spareness, with lots of sharp angles and galvanized steel and slate.
But even a win here won't necessarily open the floodgates to lots more lawsuits.
Making electronic sounds was possible, but it took lots of time and lots of work.
Lots of super cool mixed media projection projects next year.
Having lots of entrepreneurs attracts lots of entrepreneurs who want to be around, well, lots of entrepreneurs.
Lots more in her essay worth reading on this dark case.
But there are lots of pros to having a reading device that's designed specifically for reading and working with long-form text.
Cops killed lots of robbers, and robbers killed lots of cops.
Lots of stars are bound up in binaries, where two stars orbit each other.
Some people say that's because it's ubiquitous, that it's incorporated into lots of products.
Lots of people mistake bonobos for chimpanzees, despite the fact that they're really two different species.
Its a win win plan as lots of oil would be used in creating the pipe for the project not to mention the plastic covering.
Even if you have a light hand with the salt shaker, you probably get lots of sodium in processed or restaurant meals.
Chimps and their form of malaria, therefore, have had lots of time to reach a peace agreement.
SInce then she has gotten lots of research funding and publicity on self repair.
There are hardly any of these vehicles sitting on dealer lots that aren't demonstration vehicles.
They're big and rugged, and can carry lots of cargo.
Or there could be lots of inner solar system stuff in the outer solar system.
In the pale circular granuloma, you can see lots of white blood cells.
By theorizing those two finds to be the same items and with there being lots of them, they must be the spicules.
Said to be not too bright, and it caused lots of issues in later life.
Marigolds and sunflowers are good choices as they are relatively easy to grow organically and tend to attract lots of bees.
There are lots of may and could in the article, and that could be rather unconvincing.
There are lots of really wonderful things which have been invented for decades.
If you have kids, you probably know this already, but lots of stuff needs batteries.
Abandoned parking lots and indoor cycling tracks are some of the best locations.
They might have lots of friends, but all of their friends came from the same place and were interested in the same things.
Here, tongue is simmered with lots of aromatics to produce wonderfully moist, tender bits of meat.
Lots of scientists felt they had to describe tastes using one of the four categories.
In the late sixties, he drifted away from his family, became a hippie and did lots of drugs.
Let's say you want a big cupcake, with lots of icing, so you go buy one and eat it.
The settlement lies four or five streets deep along the lake, with houses strung close together on small lots.
Roundups proceed practically unnoticed in supermarket parking lots, on the streets, and in expensive new developments.
That's why older people lose their cars in parking lots.
Most important, it required lots and lots of people.
He needs to have lots of people around him in the studio.
They shoot with cannons at sparrows, a lot of brawn and little brain, and lots of unnecessary cruelty.
Behind the new buildings were empty lots strewn with the rubble of demolished courtyard houses and stores.
The troupe he managed was enormous, with sometimes as many as seven hundred people and lots of animals.
Jocks, lots of jocks, plead for quick cures for strained muscles or torn tendons.
There are lots of benefits that will flow from this ongoing transformation.
They're all networks because they are made up of lots and lots of parts that work together.
They require lots of energy to produce their voltage spikes and to release neurotransmitters.
Reminds me a lot of part of my childhood for lots of reasons.
Roughly mashed apples were tossed with some cranberries, lots of sliced almonds, and cinnamon.
We thought there would be lots of things to learn about the way infants interact with robots.
If you don't do anything special, lots of children appear.
Even with complete skeletons, there is lots of room for interpretation on how the bones go together.
My intention is certainly to continue to have lots of guest bloggers over there, in addition to myself.
My work is usually made up of lots of smaller pieces that come together to make one big piece.
Lots of other traders were owed a lot of money, too, he noted.
It's got to be a scary time for them because this movie is giving them lots of opportunities.
Lots of different chefs in the kitchen, and they take it in turns to bring in music.
They're a puny country in lots of ways, and they've been read minutely from satellites.
Information on the building floor areas of each of the city's tax lots came from the city government as well.
For example, if the system found lots of photos, it might design a more image-heavy advert.
Lots of koreans already watch the tv through their cell phone.
There are lots of add ons that don't make sense in cars.
But the generalization is that maybe it can know lots of things about you.
There are lots of these and the tests can be expensive.
Lots of work is needed for true scaled functionality.
We are literally swimming in a vast ocean of energy, lots and lots of clean energy, much more than we'll ever need.
Similarly, there are lots of correlations between physiological variables.
Yes you re right though, there are lots of concerns for privacy.
Lots of things start in the education world where students get used to it and carry it with them the rest of their lives.
The featured story is big and gets lots of elbow room.
Meanwhile, you should be drinking water-and lots of it.
Plus lots and lots and lots of people falling down and hurting themselves.
It's all about eating, getting fat and being trapped at sea with lots of strangers, she says.
Mainly because there were lots of sound effects and lots of music, and whatever dialogue there was had to come through that.
Industries with lots of private equity activity actually see faster growth.
One strength he has is experience with five organizations, giving him the ability to draw ideas from lots of different people.
Visitors will park in remote lots and ride free shuttles to a pedestrian walkway connected to the island.
In the coming months, we'll be unveiling a brand-spanking new web site with lots of high-tech whiz bang.
Tax lots are not determined by survey, and are therefore not official lots in the same way record lots are.
City owned vacant lots that are available to purchase.
The maximum number of grave lots that can be purchased by one family is four.
Several public parking lots are in close proximity to downtown businesses and attractions.

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