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Example sentences for loth

Then she spake no more as at that time, for she was loth to displease him.
They dropped in one by one, seeming loth to step up to the task.
The trouble now is that bankers are loth to lend at all.
Gulf governments say they are aware of the problem but are loth to interfere in the private sector.
But they were loth at first to let reporters see for themselves.
Governments are loth to insist that fuel prices be increased and bureaucracies slimmed even at the best of times.
Yet, with their two ministers who are loth to resign, they have voted to go on supporting the government.
The government is loth to admit how many people are dying while it remains slow to provide drugs to keep the infected alive.
People are loth to admit that they bought a house that was over-valued.
Decision-makers, whether in business or politics, were loth to hand over their power to a computer.
They have grown too used to running things, he says, and are loth to make way for newcomers.
Doctors and parents are especially loth to prescribe morphine to children, arguing that it amounts to giving up on them.
Governments throughout the region have been loth to punish the perpetrators of honour crimes.
On the loth, trains on all railroads centering here were delayed from two to eight hoars.

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