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Still, space travel has lost much of its luster, and that loss has even rippled through science fiction writing.
Hearing loss is being partly or totally unable to hear sound in one or both ears.
Evidently, your own loss of faith caused you to overstate the cases of science having gone wrong.
The result has been a loss of confidence in the dollar.
Most areas of the world's oceans are experiencing habitat loss.
Ecological changes from predator loss found to be ubiquitous.
Muscle function loss is when a muscle doesn't work or move normally.
Each is concerned with loss or change-sometimes dramatic, sometimes a slow, barely perceptible seeping away.
Shrimping and fishing industries could also feel the pinch of wetland loss.
Aside from normal daily water loss in the form of urine, the major source of body water loss is sweat.
Other researchers were studying skin diseases, incontinence after giving birth and hair loss.
In addition, many types can hold their fruit on the tree for long periods without loss of quality.
Right-Thermal image of the same seal, showing more heat loss in balding area.
But not being able to teach would be a serious loss.
But under a theory of loss aversion, the second way of presenting the bonus should work better.
Virtually all of us experience the loss of a loved one at some point in our life.
Yet real estate development, high taxes and loss of property have made the culture's survival a struggle.
If the gain and loss are close to equivalent, consider your audience.
If he was skewing data to obtain the results he wanted, then his resignation is not a loss at all.
Most tragic of course is the heavy loss of human life and devastation of livelihoods in the affected regions.
Pollution and physical barriers to root growth promote loss of urban tree cover.
Dieters who wrote down everything they ate had twice the weight loss of other people following the same diet.
To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.
Learn how to minimize topsoil loss and optimize water retention.
It is the loss of self-confidence of the political elite.
Fires have also contributed substantially to forest loss.
Time travel would likely be a fairly traumatic experience, leaving you groggy, maybe with some short-term memory loss.
Among the obvious consequences of deforestation is the loss of living space.
The authors' hypothesis is based on two insights from behavioral economics: loss aversion and diminishing sensitivity.
Army and others are testing a new pill that may prevent hearing loss.
But that still does not explain why this sense of loss should be felt.
The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad.
The key indicator of this decline in cultural diversity is language loss.
Any lasting loss of confidence in money funds would be hugely damaging.
But wildfires and habitat loss threaten their survival.
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience hair loss.
It is when swallowing induces loss of consciousness.
At my last dental cleaning, the hygienist told me that my gums were in good shape, but that the x-rays indicated some bone loss.
Unintentional weight loss is a decrease in body weight that is not voluntary.
The loss of such cars saddened enthusiasts, but rarely has a vehicle's demise occasioned an actual funeral.
Louis wanted to know how its programs stacked up to their peers, he was at a loss.
When the money markets froze, it faced instant problems, since exacerbated by a loss of confidence among its depositors.
Drake's loss will be covered by insurance, the newspaper reported.
The tyranny of ageing is less the waning of physical strength than the burden of surviving life and loss.
Psychologists say that loss makes a more indelible impression on our minds than gain.
Now the community, fearing loss of tourism revenue, says the animals should stay.
The loss is a harbinger of even larger, potentially catastrophic, consequences.
The loss of brain cells leaves stroke victims with disabilities such as memory lapse, loss of speech, or paralysis.
But the authorities appear at a loss to explain the mayhem.
Scientists attribute these declines in part to ice cover loss caused by global warming.
Both have had reports of short-term memory loss as a side effect.
Following an initial volcanic upset, the loss of life itself may have fueled further extinctions, then slowed life's recovery.
The decision will determine whether or not the bank declares a loss this year.
There is loss of life in any species on a day to day basis.
The loss was smaller than in each of the previous five months.
Conservationists also fear interbreeding with domestic camels has led to a loss of the genetically distinct wild population.
Trauma and personal loss obviously play a role in this, but the decimation of the city's physical environment surely does as well.
For one brief shining moment, she was at a loss for words.
In the short term, however, the loss of jobs is alarming.
The compensation removes the financial burden and emotional tension such a loss creates, fund operators say.
It would be another three centuries before the modern concept of dieting for weight loss took hold.
If there is some loss of consumer choice, the cost may be outweighed by efficiencies from bundling.
There are two main risks that accompany the next operation: the position of the tumor and blood loss.
Some speculated the culprit was habitat loss or pollution.
Nor are captives likely to suffer moral hazard-the temptation not to prevent or contain a loss.
It means infinite duplication without loss of quality.
We can be grateful that fewer military families are mourning a loss from this decade's wars.
Vision loss refers to the partial or complete loss of vision.
Sudden loss of muscle function is a medical emergency.
The loss of his journals had caused him even more sorrow than his retirement from the military six years earlier.
But few who owned farms were willing to serve for the duration, fearing loss of their.
The costs to the company were small: a less than one percent overall power loss for the year.
No people were injured, but the deaths were a significant loss to the small animal population.
For decades, scholars were at a loss to explain what happened during those years.
With its huge loss of life-although no body count was recorded-the engagement made a good story.
It was interrupted in mid-construction by a lawsuit filed by local residents who objected to their loss of sunlight and views.
Those people are going to nurse one drink and skip dessert, giving you a net loss.
Obviously, the biggest reason why terrorism is so awful is due to the loss of life resulting from successful attempts.
The price takes copying into account, and no loss occurs.
Yet here he seemed to be at a loss as to what to do on the cramped, hemmed-in site.
Linking stomach pain, diabetes, and weight loss saves a life.
Increasing productivity always led eventually to a loss of diversity.
Poaching and habitat loss remains a huge risk, and will probably get worse with climate change.
For them, the loss of insulin-producing beta cells in their pancreas tends to be gradual, a result of overworking the cells.
Apart from a slight loss of hearing, he is in robust health, and when he rises to greet guests he towers above them.
Perhaps the stage theory of grief caught on so quickly because it made loss sound controllable.
Scrupulous dental care can help avert tooth loss, but growing old gets in the way.
They mourn the loss of books and the loss of time for books.
We need somebody to say the unsayable, to act out our infantile vindictive wishes, to be never at a loss.
She had always known he would die, and she had tried to prepare herself for the loss.
Details are slightly blurry, testifying to the snapshot's loss of definition when blown up to such a size.
His hearers could not cough, or look aside from him, without loss.
There are occasions when it is undoubtedly better to incur loss than to make gain.
When the two trades can be carried on in the same workhouse, the loss of time is no doubt much less.
No, you are at last immune from any of those sudden attacks of new fashion fever that result in loss of judgment.
It had lately suffered the loss of several thousand dollars, two valuable horses, and a prominent citizen.
When the value of your house falls, that's a loss of wealth to the economy as a whole.
The redundancy of the drum language phrases compensates for the loss of the information in vowels and consonants.
When otherwise at a loss for a rock to throw, he questions the intellectual honesty of the author.
The effect of this loss of ice on the global sea level is small, so far, but it is accelerating.
We are equally concerned about false and misleading claims in the advertising of weight loss products and services.
Body clock is a hormonal dimmer switch that controls water loss.
Around the world carnivorous plants are on the decline, the victims of habitat loss, illegal poaching and pollution.
Such precipitous loss of ice cover far outpaces anything climate models or scientists have predicted.
However, the impact to land surface area loss of adding to ocean water volumes is highly dependent on surface topography.
There is no electrical resistance in a superconductor, and therefore no energy loss.
On the other hand, the body reduces heat-loss in cold surroundings by sweating less and reducing blood circulation to the skin.
The loss of high-frequency hearing is rooted in the inner ear, which consists of a hollow tube curled up into a snail shape.
The drink is used as part of a weight-loss program to help boost serotonin levels and curb cravings.
Loss of mineral content is a precursor to cavity development.
Without healthy retinal pigment epithelium, the photoreceptors begin to sicken and die, causing loss of vision.
Such damage has caused loss of vision in millions of people around the world.
The loss is likely due to polysulfides, chemicals that form during normal discharging and recharging.
But by the time a patient is diagnosed, she may have already begun to experience symptoms such as memory loss.
The new electrode conducts electricity better than the silver lines, resulting in less power loss.
But before they are, the huge loss of life has to be taken into consideration.
However a magnetic field would dampen hydrogen loss due to capturing ions and shielding from solar wind attrition.
However there is a loss in power transfer from the batteries to the wheels through the motor and drive train.
The loss of a language isn't a trivial matter, its the loss of the sum knowledge and experience of a culture.
The moment you become a true soccer fan is the moment you first blame the ref for your team's loss.
Far from being inhibited by their loss of privacy, they glory in mutual degradation.
The fear of the disease and the reality of loss after loss, of course, impacted everyone who was touched by this modern plague.

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