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People don't always appreciate how difficult it is to lose fat without losing protein.
People fear the possibility of losing their entire medical history as easily as they might lose a wallet.
And you'll lose the free space between antennae, thus losing main part of advantage of wireless energy transfer.
Most runners end up losing a toenail from time to time.
The difficulty of losing weight is captured in a new model.
However, my friends had their own solution: memorize all of the information so you won't have to worry about losing it.
Upon losing his job, a friend and later business partner approached him with the idea of running a taco truck.
Civil-rights lawyers say that they are losing a lot more cases in the lower courts than before.
My heart aches for them in losing such a dear friend.
Weirder even, and certainly more wonderful, than the cosmic joke of a kilogram losing weight at the expense of the universe.
Proboscis monkeys are losing habitat at an alarming rate.
Increasingly, people is losing their communication skills.
He must have calculated how much morphine he could inject without losing control of a scalpel.
He quickly accepts the invite and jumps out of his game, unwittingly losing whatever progress he'd made in the single-player game.
Others, weighed down by the stress of being fired or losing a loved one, become depressed.
If we're losing faith in science, we've gone down the wrong path.
The guillemot, a seabird that depends on ice, is losing its habitat and falling prey to polar bears desperate for food.
Then, even hair-thin wires might carry loads of current without resistance or losing any energy to heat.
We are losing too many of our friends and their contributions to society.
Agriculture is not the only sector that is losing ground in the home market to importers.
We start losing ecosystems and the services they provide to humans.
But let's set aside for the moment the practical matter of losing your job over this.
But the net is losing some of its openness and universality.
It's already been a difficult year in the losing cool celebrities department.
Losing a chunk of flesh to your work is what separates the hobbyist from the artist.
They publicized the pain of losing sons and daughters in alcohol-related traffic accidents.
Forests are losing trees faster than new ones are able to grow, he said.
Charge has to conduct in the cloud that is gaining or losing charge.
But that will mean more businesses going to the wall and more people losing their homes.
We forget where a story really starts, losing sight of where it's headed.
But scientists are losing a lot of the data, say researchers in a wide range of disciplines.
Losing food energy by converting it to meat is a luxury that the affluent are more likely to enjoy than the poor.
Managers must understand they are losing future employees because of inflexibility.
Or picture a koala losing half its food supply to a parking lot.
Imagine a time in your life when you felt out of control-anything from getting lost to losing a job.
Even worse, he now faces the possibility of losing his life's work.
The odds are much shorter on other volcanoes around the world losing their lids.
No human being could drink thousands of gallons of milk without losing his cookies.
People need to stand up and speak out and risk losing their job, or sit there and take it.
Key weapons in the fight against malaria, pyrethroid insecticides, are losing their edge.
We're losing our ability to read a book, retain information, follow a line of argument and make critical judgments.
People here are losing track as the ground keeps shaking and fears of more big temblors have them walking on their tiptoes.
The town, in an economic downturn at the time after losing its mining industry, was posed for something new.
Concerned about losing control of their product, studios tried to rent rather than sell movies.
But in fact, scientists observed, the nucleus was losing more energy than detectors were picking up.
If you are on the losing side of a world war, the whole of that society is going to be split with enemies, people distrusting you.
He was old and losing teeth he could only chew soft food.
The hangovers were lasting longer, and he kept losing the bar fights, but there was still a race or two in him.
They then took out bank loans on the companies' money-losing remains, never intending to make repayments.
Never stop in the middle of a tennis or golf match and complain of a lame ankle, especially if you are losing.
His gradual realization that it was a losing contest would have shattered him had he been of any but the strongest stuff.
At the same time politics was losing its predominating importance.
The doctor had scolded her and had declared she was in danger of losing her hearing.
We have saved a number of countries from losing their liberty.
Yet it is fine for us to speculate in face of unbroken traditions, though vague, and losing themselves in fable.
Yet for all their zeal and power they were fighting a losing fight against nature.
The hotel was continually losing patronage because of its shabbiness and she thought of herself as also shabby.
The officer, losing patience, took the brush and rubbed out what he considered was wrong.
If both choose to defect, however, they risk losing out on the payoff because they could be outfoxed by the partner.
Some can gain relief by losing weight or altering their medications.
Similarly, losing some species of insects could have surprising effects for people.
Many small cities in danger of losing air service.
His boot heel catches on the edge of the ramp and he falls sprawling into the tide, losing the radio but saving his life.
Upon losing a job, if a relevant other is also jobless then both individuals search with less intensity.
In jobs from the retail floor to the developers' office, workers are losing the race against machines.
Older people losing their jobs experience skyrocketing rates of depression and more cardiac disease.
Most likely, college admissions officers aren't losing any sleep over the investigation, which has no legal authority.
But in its absence, there is no reason whatsoever to infer that someone is losing out because a price seems low.
The problem with this hypothesis is that is isn't making money but is losing money.
And it was not merely about strategy-the backbiting that always consumes losing campaigns.
And that serves as a check on publishers, who know that if they revise too frequently they could end up losing sales.
The station was losing half a million dollars a year.
Soon, in a plot twist, people begin losing even their normal abilities.
And they do so even though, on average, they end up losing on their trades.
Always have the situation under control, even if losing.
They could charge premium prices for their goods, and raise prices when costs went up, without losing their customers.
He wants to keep the client happy without losing his own fervor.
But it has been losing money for a while, and its board decided that it was foolish to keep throwing good money after bad.
In almost every city the big downtown department stores are losing trade to the suburban shopping centers.
These talk therapy people are losing business and will do anything to keep someone coming to them for years.
More fat could be the secret to losing weight-as long as that fat is brown.
Those machine-smashing textile workers were reacting to immediate threats, such as losing their jobs.
There are a few things more frustrating than losing your cell-phone to water damage.
For one, they're losing ground on the low-elevation side.
But they certainly don't see it as a means of losing weight-quite the opposite.
Losing the best player on the team can sometimes improve its performance.
Losing e-mail can be a serious problem for both the public and private sector.
Superconductors conduct high electric currents without heating up or losing power when they are cooled.
Losing half your blood volume is a tough thing to survive, even if you're a hamster in a controlled laboratory study.
Quantum computers are in danger of losing their lustre.
The biggest problem for a user would be losing the pen.
But the risks of losing control over your invention is rather high in comparison to the effort.
He had been losing control of his body progressively, falling and hurting himself more often.
The question becomes, can the human race survive losing a game or two at this level.
And unlike a conventional turbine, the engine can start and stop frequently without losing efficiency.
People seem to be overly enamored with the idea of robots to the point of losing a grip on reality here.
Flybys allow this to be done without losing the speed gained during the trip to the destination.
Far from saying that losing a war means being put in the dock, it would say that victory does not guarantee absolution.
As they get more and more wound up, they try to outdo each other, losing all interest in the food on their plates.
He was having vocal problems and at times losing his voice altogether.
Some may have been persuaded that they had less to gain by winning than by losing.
The challenge for any established brand is to win new customers without losing the old ones.
Back home, he finds he is losing trade to a rival who sells newfangled celluloid beads.
Though they were not gaining territory, they were not losing much either.
In this one, for me, it was more about losing weight.
Which hasn't stopped the losing side from singing the chain-gang blues.
Ray spent his wedding night at the gaming tables, losing his shirt.
When her husband finds out, he must decide whether outing her is worth losing his part of the pie.
The absurd thing was that he was the one who was continually losing or forgetting things.
But it's about losing a family heirloom and doing anything to get it back.
They're not losing money on any of the shows, so they'll give you a lot of creative freedom.
In the process, they become more distant from ordinary people, losing whatever empathy they may once have had.
He was also reportedly concerned about losing his broker's license.
The symptoms of this decline are clear, from losing track of house keys to getting easily muddled and confused.
Losing these contests tends to depress testosterone levels.
But the benefits aren't as clear, especially since she risks losing her mate.
Across all ages, the older the volunteers were, the more they shied away from using the losing decks.
And it means blitz-reading papers and writing quickly without losing any accuracy.
She is supposed to start chemotherapy soon but has lost weight and appears to be losing energy as well.
As a tire is deformed, it builds up energy-losing heat.
If not, then that means that there is a difference between losing a limb and losing sensation.
The thing about photons is that they redshift, losing energy as space expands.
Gradually losing their legs, they evolved into ocean dwellers in a dim world where sound serves them better than light.
Losing weight isn't easy, and it's harder still when your genes are working against you.
Listening to heart sounds is a skill doctors are quickly losing.

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