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Historically, the party of the sitting president loses ground in midterm elections.
Scientists have discovered that an albatross loses more energy sitting on the water, through loss of body heat, than flying.
Whichever team has it when the time runs out loses the round.
If the experimental station loses the land on which the collection resides, it will likely be lost forever.
When a ship and a northern right whale collide, the whale loses.
Sometimes a gecko loses its grip completely and falls.
If a gecko loses its grip and falls, the tail can help it land safely.
The fish take turns-and it appears no one loses an eye or goes hungry in the frenzy.
With each visit to the sun the comet loses more of its ice.
But that all changes the night she loses her parents in a house fire.
The politician who loses a word on the tip of his tongue during a stump speech is experiencing the sin of blocking.
He loses focus, and sometimes his temper flares erratically.
If the forecast predicts a hot, humid day and it turns out to be mild, the power company loses money.
Powdered cocaine cannot be smoked in a pipe, because it disintegrates when heated and loses its effects.
As these currents travel, the water loses oxygen as dead algae, plankton and other organic matter decay.
In contrast, an infected animal loses its innate fear of cats.
The tail will regrow, but it will not be a perfect replacement of the original, and if a lizard loses a leg it will never regrow.
Living on a border loses its novelty after a while, but visitors always find it intriguing.
If you have had no children, or are past the age when it is likely, evolution loses all interest in you.
In technical terms, the system loses its quantum coherence.
When going up a hill it loses speed but going down it runs fine.
That's what's left when formic acid loses a hydrogen ion.
True, but it loses its ability to be used to power a car.
When our planet is suffering from an imbalance of energy, and gains or loses heat, changes in global temperature.
As the image loses definition over time, the emotional sting subsides as well.
If someone loses weight on weight loss pills, they can give the pills the credit, but more than likely it wasn't the pills.
What distance a power hitter gains using a lighter corked bat he loses in collision efficiency.
Outside the beltway, it doesn't matter who wins or loses but whether it's good for the economy.
As the old joke goes: when your neighbour loses his job, it is called an economic slowdown.
When war loses its capacity to exhilarate, seekers after national greatness need something else.
Though the squirrel's brain survives, it loses many of the nerve-cell connections that govern how it operates.
The guv wants to make sure that the little guy invests in the more risky mutual funds so that he loses as much money as possible.
The planet's emissions stay the same, or rise, while the country doing its bit for the environment loses investment and jobs.
Derivatives continue to be vilified, usually when someone loses a lot of money.
When wildlife cannot be traded, it loses its value and thus the incentive for people to conserve it.
The idea is that a party to a civil lawsuit who loses must pay the attorneys' fees and costs of the winning party.
Politics loses its moral structure and purpose, and turns into an affair of group interest and personal ambition.
After generations of this, the super-drug loses its effectiveness.
Beyond that point she loses sight of herself as an individual human being.
As the water warms, it loses oxygen, and river organisms begin dying.
Many a grave writer who never loses control cannot promise you that.
If it chooses the former course, it loses e-reader market share.
If he goes too easy and loses he'll be humiliated and ridiculed.
But when a favored home team loses, husbands and boyfriends turn violent.
If a home team is supposed to lose and then loses, nothing happens.
He makes his way, or loses it, between two paths of definite direction.
He never loses sight of the important fact that government is only one factor in social life.
Hence the idea of a straight line also loses its meaning.
But the poet soon loses interest in his work, and relies upon the common words and familiar metaphors of his day.
Life becomes impoverished and loses its interest when life itself, the highest stake in the game of living, must not be risked.
The naturalist thus loses his best guide in determining whether to rank doubtful forms as varieties or species.
It has no great significance, it loses half its power.
Often a loan-word loses all signs of its original foreignness.
But what the booklet loses in spirit, it gains in thoughtfulness.
If the guess is right the guesser wins one, if wrong, he loses one.
What he gains in making cloth, he loses in general power.
For every friend whom he loses for truth, he gains a better.
In the world of tipped economies, equal opportunity loses to the reinforcement of prejudices dangerous to society.
The team loses five of its next six games, and the quarterback is benched.
About halfway through, a stubborn inconsequentiality sets in, and the movie loses urgency.
She learns how to make better conversation, goes on a strict diet, and loses eight pounds.
He lives on whiskey and scraps of leftovers from the refrigerator, and loses weight.
Cave wavers between gargling and yelping, but never loses his cool.
Most of the time, everyone who plays against the chicken loses.
When the sun goes down, the aircraft loses superheat.
At big gatherings, he stands around conversing for a while, but sooner or later seeks out the piano and loses himself in music.
If someone loses a job, the others are there for him.
He apparently loses his memory for that period and cannot recall where he went or why.
But if the fund loses money the manager doesn't make a dime until he gets back to even, no matter how long that takes.
When a salamander loses a leg, specialized epithelial cells cover the wound, forming a multilayered structure.
Which means a processor loses the benefits of having a heat sink.
When a taxi driver loses fares because business moved out of the city they do not get a depletion allowance.
Those loses change by how the electricity was generated.
Any device that uses phosphors, however, loses some efficiency in the process.
In the end she loses not only her company and her career but her family and her life.
More generally, the rule says that any object gets warmer when it gains energy, and gets cooler when it loses energy.
Film constantly reenacts and dramatizes this struggle with time: except in film, time loses.
It is a bland compliment that loses almost nothing in the description.
One doctor loses his license to practice for a year and then is forced into bankruptcy when a health insurance provider sues him.
Cataplexy, a common symptom of narcolepsy, is characterized by sudden attacks where one loses all voluntary muscle control.
Many of those who know him well say he now tires more easily, and loses energy.
His character kinda loses his temper and freaks out and regresses into old arguments he used to have with his father.
He rarely loses his temper, rarely allows himself to get annoyed or irritable.
The first negotiator to mention aesthetic quality loses.
Wasabi loses much of its flavor and pungency within minutes after it's grated, and so its preparation is timely.
That's what business is, and everyone loses sight of that.
He has moments of dementia where he really loses it-he gets so into whatever it is, he's not thinking straight.
If a mouse loses a series of fights against dominant rivals, its personality shifts.
He does not have to bet any money, or give anything to anyone if he loses.
When the local team loses in the playoffs, the fan switches to the regional team still in.
One loses a sample she thought was hers to another whose elbows were sharper.
When a photon is radiated away, the asteroid loses momentum.
Depends upon the details of how quickly it loses energy to its environment.
And, he unfortunately loses recruits left and right.
When government doesn't take that action, it loses people's faith.
The lung loses tiny blood vessels and can't grow new ones.

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