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Example sentences for lopsided

At the meeting, a dispute breaks out, albeit a lopsided one.
So the deers look all lopsided, and the frogs have huge heads.
So much so that nobody seems to care or see anything wrong with this lopsided status quo.
Such lopsided point of view really denigrates the genuine cause of this action.
Your incredibly lopsided response makes me flinch with consternation.
And right now the polls show a lopsided field of candidates.
Moreover, and more incredibly, air power delivered this wildly lopsided victory in a fairly humane fashion.
Think of all of the lopsided pots that have cherished places on our mantelpieces because our children made them.
Once again think of our childhood top, with that lopsided shape tapering to a point.
One unusual solution to that problem would be to conclude that the universe is lopsided.
So it may not entirely be so lopsided in favor of one movement at war with another that's shot itself in the legs.
But they aren't tattooed, or particularly fat, or lopsided with walleyes.
None of this should come as a surprise-it is simply what happens when a society's wealth distribution becomes lopsided.
He dismissed a few call-outs as egregiously lopsided.
But opponents question the lopsided results of a survey that was released by a pro-bridge group.
Letter bombs may feel rigid, or appear uneven or lopsided.
The cheese shall be free from mold under the wrapper or covering and shall not be huffed or lopsided.
The scores may be concentrated at either end of the tail, resulting in a lopsided distribution.
Are of unusual weight, given their size, or are lopsided or oddly shaped.
Odd symptoms included a long face with coarse features, lopsided large ears, and large testicles.
Three conspicuous ribs branch from the lopsided base.
Fruit medium in size, obtuse-turbinate in form, sometimes lopsided.
Are of unusual weight given their size, appear lopsided, or oddly shaped.

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Soon, Light from a small intense lopsided moon Shows them, black as their shadows, sleeping so.... more
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